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Seasonal Affective Disorder - Medical Equipment

Location: Main > Mental Health > Depression > Seasonal Affective Disorder

 Alaska Northern Lights -- Information on Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD) and the North Star 10,000 light box used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder.
 Amjo Lights -- Distributor of the Sunrise light boxes, the Apollo Light Systems line of Brite Lite therapy products, dawn simulators and the Verilux line.
 Apollo Light Systems -- Relief from SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Winter Blues through 10,000 lux, light therapy, shift circadian rhythms.
 Bio Light -- Light therapy for seasonal affective disorder (SAD), winter depression or winter blues.
 Bio-Brite, Inc. -- Light therapy products that assist in coping with SAD, jet lag and improved sleep quality. Includes research, information and secure online purchasing
 Discovery Bay Lighting -- High-intensity lights for the treatment of seasonal depression (SAD) jet lag, shift worker body clock adjustment and related problems. Site includes frequently asked questions about bright-light therapy.
 ETA Lighting Systems -- Light therapy products for mood disorders and seasonal affective disorder.
 Full Spectrum Solutions -- Factory direct full spectrum lighting for office and home. Light therapy fixtures.
 Health-e -- Information on SAD, light therapy ,natural lighting and health. Shopping for dawn simulators, bright light boxes and full spectrum lighting.
 Healthlight Inc. -- List of products sold including testimonials and studies.
 Light Therapy Products -- Sales of dawn simulators, light boxes, and full spectrum Chromalux light bulbs.
 M&M Lighting Co. -- Offers full spectrum lights, Chromalux bulbs, and phototherapy products and light boxes.
 Morning Starlight Light Therapy -- System that provides featureless white light for treating symptoms of seasonal affective disorder.
 National Light Hire Company -- Offers equipment for light therapy.
 Natural Lighting -- Full spectrum lighting by Vita-Lite. Ergonomic desk lamps, energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs. Used for seasonal affective disorder and ADD students.
 Northern Light Technologies -- Light therapy products including bright light boxes, as recommended by psychiatrists, psychologists and doctors to combat winter blues (SAD).
 Nu-You Light Therapy Products -- Full spectrum light therapy products, including therapy lightboxes used in the treatment of SAD and 'winter blues'.
 Sunnex Biotechnologies -- Low intensity light therapy for the treatment of seasonal affective disorder or winter depression. Educational information on light therapy, SAD and potential risk of eye damage from bright-light therapy.
 The SunBox Company -- Bright light units for treating seasonal depression or dealing with the winter blues, jet lag, and sleep disorders.
 True Sun -- Offers both information and sales of full spectrum light products and therapy units.
 Vita Lite -- Full spectrum light used in important research projects by physicians and health professionals as a therapy light source for treating SAD.

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