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 Breathe with Eez -- Product relieves breathing problems and snoring naturally without medications.
 Chin-Up Strip -- Product to keep the mouth closed, which encourages nasal breathing.
 Innovative Sleep Products -- Cushion to stop someone lying on their back.
 Noiselezz Mouthpiece -- Product to open the airways.
 Nose Breathe Mouthpiece -- For Heavy Snorers (orthodontic device)
 Noseworks -- Product to improve nasal air flow.
 Singing for Snorers -- Programme of singing exercises designed to tone the throat and reduce snoring.
 Snore M.D. -- Natural herbal remedy
 Snore Not -- A home remedy recipe for a spray lubricant that may help stop or reduce snoring and sleep apnea.
 SnoreStop -- Tablets and a spray designed to shrink swollen tissues and dry built-up mucous.
 Snorgon -- Collar designed to keep the airways open and unobstructed, by lifting the chin.
 Snoring Cure -- Mouthpiece to keep the airway open.
 Somni Health and Safety -- Offers an intra-oral anti-snoring devices that are custom fitted by the user.
 Stop Snore -- Lubricating formula to prevent friction at the back of the throat.
 Sweet Dreams -- Product to fix to night wear, to prevent the user lying on their back.
 The Snoring Shop -- Range of products, including homeopathic medications, a nasal device, aromatherapy and ear plugs.
 Therapy Control Products Inc. -- Offers a range of products to aid breathing and prevent snoring.

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