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 Boston Hypnosis -- Hypnosis and self-hypnosis. No effectiveness claim.
 Clean Break Online Stop Smoking Program -- Online smoking cessation course with a unique cognitive approach and one-on-one phone support. Founded in 1983 and implemented at hospitals in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Makes a claim of 60% effectiveness at 18 months.
 Easystop Smoking Cessation Clinic -- UK-based stop-smoking clinic and franchise. No effectiveness claim made.
 Freddy Jacquin Hypnosis -- UK hypnotherapist runs a quit smoking service in Kent, England.
 Goen Stop Smoking Hypnosis -- Sells hypnosis seminars; no effectiveness measurements presented.
 Hypnosis and Self-Control -- Offers online consultation.
 Hypnosis For Health-Stop Smoking -- Services in the San Francisco bay area, customized tapes.
 Hypnotherapy New York -- Hypnosis. No measurement of effectiveness. Located in Nyack, New York.
 Hypnotism for Quitting Smoking -- No effectiveness claim made. Located in Australia.
 Jack Sparks -- Hypnosis and tapes. Located in Burlingame, California. No quit effectiveness claim made.
 John Koenig, Hypnotherapist -- Rhode Island based practitioner offers quit-smoking services.
 Light and Health -- Netherlands service 'applies a laser to your meridian points' which is claimed to help quit smoking.
 Palmer Smoking Clinic -- Individual and group smoking cessation programs. Located in Illinois. Uses hypnosis and an unspecified 'method'. No effectiveness measurements.
 QuitNet -- Membership based; create your own quit plan, ask questions of expert counselors, get support from the community, learn from science-based quitting guides, and get help whenever you need it.
 Smoke Free Forever -- Offers a quit-smoking program for spas.
 smokeClinic -- A program to help smokers quit using research-supported behavioral treatment.
 SmokeFreeDoc -- Jesse J. Tepper, Ph.D., a N.Y.C. psychologist, provides an individually tailored smoking cessation/stop smoking program integrating hypnosis, cognitive-behavioral and psychotherapeutic interventions.
 Smoking Cessation Help from Quit Smoking Helper -- Free and fee-based coaching.
 St. Helena Hospital Nicotine Addiction Program -- 7 day resident quit-smoking program in California (Napa Valley). No quit effectiveness claim made.
 Stop Smoke Babe -- London based hypnotist claims to help women stop smoking; no effectiveness measurements presented.
 Stop Smoke Bloke -- London based hypnotist claims to help men stop smoking; no effectiveness measurements presented.
 Stop Smoking Coach -- Offers custom programs for individuals, couples, and workplace groups.
 Stop smoking for good -- Sells memberships in an online seminar, with emphasis on workplace settings.
 Stop Smoking Seminars and Workshops -- Company is Dynamic Growth & Achievement International. The usual testimonials. No effectiveness claim made.
 Stop Smoking Support -- Service is quit-smoking email and newsletters sent to you.
 Stop Smoking, Start Living! - The Rosen Programme -- UK-based programs for workplace smoking cessation support and for individuals who want to stop smoking. No effectiveness claim made.
 Susan Gale, hypnotherapist -- Stop-smoking hypnosis service located in the UK.
 Tabac stop center -- Geneva based clinic shines a laser on your ear. No quit effectiveness claim made. -- Uses web and mobile phones to let you when you can have each cigarette on a tapering schedule.
 The Center For Nicotine Addiction -- Florida based quit service.
 The Centre One Practice, North London -- Stop smoking program in North London based on hypnotherapy and NLP. No quit effectiveness claim.
 The Stop Smoking Clinic -- Calls itself 'the place to effectively stop smoking with proven results'. No proof is presented. No results are presented. And the method? Seems to be electric shock.
 Wendi Friesen -- Hypnosis program.
 WhyQuit - Cold Turkey Quitting -- A support group quitting forum and education program devoted to the science, psychology and art of abrupt nicotine cessation.

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