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 Acupuncture for Smoking Cessation -- Article in scientific journal. Examines whether acupuncture is effective for quitting smoking. Conclusion is it does no better than placebo.
 Effectiveness of Hypnosis for Quitting Smoking -- Researchers at Ohio State University reviewed five dozen studies and conclude that smokers who are hopeful that hypnosis will help them kick their habit need to temper their expectations.
 FDA: No Over-The-Counter Smoking Deterrent Works -- This includes pills, tablets, lozenges and chewing gum-type products sold under various names such as Cigarrest, Bantron, Tabmint, Nikoban and others. However, some prescription products have been found safe and effective as smoking cessation aids. Note: at the time this was written, the gum and patch were prescription products.
 FTC finds Ruta Lee's Vitamin C and stop-smoking ads were deceptive -- Television personality Ruta Lee agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that advertising claims she made for three vitamin sprays and a stop-smoking spray were unsubstantiated.
 Is Bupropion an Effective Treatment for Smoking Cessation? -- Slide presentation evaluates effectivess measurements for Bupropion ('Zyban'), the nicotine patch, the gum; also presents general information on smoking, addiction, and quitting.
 It's Quittin' Time: Smokers Need Not Rely on Willpower Alone -- Article from FDA Consumer magazine, updated to Feb 1998. Reviews quit smoking aids and quitting itself.
 It's Quittin' Time: Smokers Need Not Rely on Willpower Alone -- FDA information on the nicotine patch, gum, nasal spray, and inhaler, and Zyban.
 Kicking Butts in the Twenty-First Century -- 50 page ACSH pamphlet reports the track record of nioctine patch, gum, inhaler, lozenge, spray; buproprion; counseling, alone and in combination with drug therapies; support groups; telephone counseling; self-help materials and programs; alternative approaches including acupuncture, hypnosis, and herbal remedies.
 Prescriptions to Help Smokers Quit -- Reprint from FDA Consumer magazine, June 1994, written by a geneticist and author of a biology text. Discusses the pros and cons of the patch and gum.
 Products Offered for Smoking Cessation on the World Wide Web -- A review of quit-smoking products found on the Web finds that most have no science behind them and may even be harmful.
 Quitting Smoking: A Consumer's Guide -- CDC, FDA information from GSA; covers which products (as of 1994) had been found safe and effective and which had not.
 Smokers Advised to Combine Therapies -- The combined use of nicotine patches and sprays is the best way to quit smoking, researchers find.
 The Habitrol Stop Smoking System -- Vendor of 'the patch'. Focus is on a smoking cessation program that combines development of a personalized program with behavioral modification, nicotine replacement therapy and on-line support. In English and French language.
 Zyban for Smoking Cessation -- Briefly reviews the scientific literature on safety and effectiveness.

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