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 AD/HD Child Advocate Services -- ADHD advocacy, coaching, information about treatments, research and up comming advents.
 ADD Coaching, Lind Sevens -- Coaching services for adults with Attention Deficit Disorder and those who have difficulty with time management, organization, and goal setting.
 ADD Medical Treatment Center of Santa Clara Valley -- Offering a variety of services in San Jose, California.
 ADD Pathfinders -- Provides multiple-approach treatment for adults with ADD and ADHD, including telephone support groups, coaching, and counseling.
 ADD-Plus -- Offers training and resources for ADD and related conditions.
 ADD/ADHD - Personal ADD Coaching -- Patti L. Petit, founder of the ADDmirableWomen online community for women with ADD/ADHD, is a Personal ADD Coach offering support and guidance on a one-on-one basis.
 ADHD - ADD Medication Reminders for Children and Adults -- Line of e-pillŪ Electronic Pill Reminders for children who suffer from ADHD.
 Adult ADD Career Alternatives -- Information on career alternatives for adults with ADD. Take a confidential self-test and receive a special report prepared by a licensed psychologist.
 Ambulatory Monitoring, Inc. -- Actigraphic diagnostic service for children suspected of having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
 Amen Clinic - ADD and Brain Specialists -- Their goal is to provide instructional programs and materials, personal counseling, and medical treatment where necessary. Site includes online ADD tests.
 Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders -- Online free educational seminars, assessment and evaluation regarding Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.
 Bridge to Success -- Coaching adults through the maze of confusion of being an adult with AD/HD via audio and video cassettes.
 Center for Attention-Deficit and Behavior Disorders -- Offering a comprehensive approach to the treatment of ADD and behavior disorders.
 Clinical Psychology Associates of North Central Florida, P.A. -- Describes the importance of psychological assessment and psychological testing in the evaluation of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.
 DBWEB -- Providing mental health counseling. Web page includes an ADD quiz for both children and adults.
 Diagnosis and Treatment For Adults with ADHD -- Articles and links on diagnosis, treatment and medical advances for adults with ADHD. Information on our programs in Baltimore, Maryland
 Dr. Ron's ADD and Family Support Centre -- Unique and up-to-date information on ADD/ADHD and services for children and adults.
 Excel Institute -- Centers that can help reduce or get children off ritalin, as well as help correct other learning disabilies. Alternatives to putting child on ritalin. Michigan based.
 HRI and Pfeiffer Treatment Center -- An outpatient clinic dedicated to assisting children and adults with biochemical imbalances through nutrient therapy. Our emphasis is on ADD/ADHD, autism, depression, thought and mood disorders.
 Incredible Horizons ADD/ADHD Products and Services -- Products, programs, and services to build attention skills, memory, and cognitive Skills.
 Jennifer Koretsky - ADD Management -- Offers information, tips, resources, and a free e-newsletter. Management skills groups done via telephone.
 Learning Assessment Centre -- A UK based centre specializing in multi-disciplinary assessment of children with ADD, ADHD, behavioural problems, and learning problems.
 Leslie Rouder, LCSW -- Help for adults with Attention Deficit Disorder. Support groups, information, counseling, therapy and coaching.
 Life coaching for clients and parents of children and teens with ADD/ADHD -- Coaching and support for people and parents of children with ADD/ADHD. Information about ADD/ADHD legal rights and resources such as books, videos, and organizations.
 Living with A.D.D. Coaching -- Since each person with ADD has his or her own unique personality and needs each coaching relationship will differ. An ADD coach will help ADDers with such things as procratination, organization, time management, or anything else the client would like to work on.
 Loring Family CALM Clinic -- Minneapolis, Minnesota clinic dedicated to neurological testing and treatment for ADD/ADHD and other neurological disorders.
 MyADHD -- Tools to improve the assessment and treatment of children, adolescents, and adults with ADHD
 Optimums in Childhood Health and Performance -- On-line training for parents of ADHD and learning disabled children.
 Our Kids Seminars/Workshops -- We are about educating parents, teachers, health care professionals and other interested parties through seminars/workshops regarding the latest research about ADD/ADHD. Nationally known guest speakers.
 Overcome Attention Deficit Disorder - Neural Cognitive Therapy -- Offering a program to treat learning disabilities without medication.
 Parenting ADHD Children -- Online course instructed by a mother of an ADHD child and a counselor dealing with ADHD children and parents.
 Quest Therapeutic Day Camp -- Group therapy activity at Huntington Beach, California for children 6-14 with ADHD and other forms of learning and personality disorders.
 Rev. Dan L. Edmunds -- Examines ADHD and the hazards of psychostimulants. Promotes healthy, responsible psychotherapeutic intervention, and family advocacy.
 The ADD Clinic, Biloxi, Mississippi -- Offers year-round assessment and treatment of ADD behaviors in children, adolescents and adults, including a summer camp.
 The Affinity Center -- Support and resources for sufferers of ADHD and their families.
 Tomatis Auditory Training -- Provides listening training as the cornerstone to a sensory integration therapy service for children, adolescents, and adults.
 WBC's Attention Camp Project -- The Grand Haven Attention Camp is a two-week day-camp treatment program for children with AD/HD and their families.

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