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 Breast Prosthetics  Europe

 Alatheia Prosthetics Rehabilitation Center -- Creates highly functional life-like silicone prosthetics for amputees worldwide.
 Amputee Coalition of America -- A resource for amputees, their families, and other interested parties. Includes access to the National Limb Loss Information Center, the National Peer Network, and Limb Loss Research and Statistics programs. -- Linking amputees to specific prosthetics and orthotic services Nationwide. Visit this site if you are an amputee, case manager or physician looking for specific prosthetic needs.
 Animated Prosthetics, Inc. -- Research, design and manufacturing of microcomputer control systems for artificial limbs.
 Arise Prosthetics -- Provides quality custom prosthetics and orthotics in a timely manner. Service for the Phoenix area and Texas.
 Artificial Limb Specialists, Inc. -- An independent prosthetic facility in Arizona which focuses on patient care. Amputee information on the latest in technology.
 Biomechanics Magazine -- Magazine that seeks to promote professional growth and knowledge for all medical and allied health professionals with a compelling interest in lower extremity biomechanics.
 Carlascio Orthopedic -- Provides custom prosthesis, orthoses and custom made shoes, and mastectomy fittings and supplies. Located in Jersey City, NJ.
 Carole Lewis Stolpe, B.C.O. and Frederick Lewis, B.C.O. Arificial Eyes -- Creator of artificial (prosthetic) eyes and cosmetic lenses.
 College Park -- Creators of the TruStep prosthetic foot, for lower extremity amputees of all activity levels.
 Copeland Prosthetics and Orthotics -- Prosthetic and orthotic fitting. A lower extremity prosthesis specialist located in Tampa Florida.
 Custom Prosthetic Restorations -- Anaplastologist providing custom prosthetic services for patients in the Pacific Northwest. Services include facial prosthetics, fingers and other somato prostheses.
 Dermatos prostheses- a breakthrough in prosthetic design -- Creates and fits amputees with the world renowned Dermatos prostheses. Also covers prosthetics with dermatos skin.
 Dothan Brace Shop -- An orthotics and prosthetics facility, specializing in durable medical equipment and Aids For Daily Living products. (Dothan, AL)
 Durrett's Orthotic and Prosthetic Services -- Serving the Greater Cincinnati Ohio and Northern Kentucky area. Completely committed to the highest standards of Quality and Service for patients while keeping all products and services cost effective.
 Endolite North America -- Offers a full range of lower extremity prosthetics products manufactured by Blatchford.
 Eye Concern: Ocular and Facial Prosthetics -- Fits and fabricates custom ocular and facial prosthetics. Has an office in both Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona
 Ferrier Coupler Inc. -- Provider of industry standard quick-coupling technology for lower-limb prostheses.
 Fillauer, Inc. Orthotics and Prosthetics -- A leading manufacturer, distributor, and central fabricator of orthotic and prosthetic products both domestically and internationally.
 Finnieston Group -- Provider of orthotic and prosthetic patient care.
 Flex-Foot -- Designers of lower limb prosthetic devices for amputees of all ages and activity levels. All products are made from 100% carbon fiber material.
 General Prosthetics -- Specializing in custom made facial prostheses in Houston, TX.
 Gilbert and Mellish -- Leading UK private healthcare company operating in the field of orthotics and prosthetics.
 Hanger Orthopedic Group -- National U.S.A. provider of prosthetics and orthotics with clinics in 42 states, including the District of Columbia.
 Iowa Eye Prosthetics*Board Certified Ocularist*Plastic Artificial Eye*Human -- Creator of custom plastic, (not glass) artificial eyes (ophthalmic, ocular prosthesis) fitted to the shape of your eyesocket tissues by our exacting Modified Impression Method for best possible comfort.
 Jim Smith Sales -- A nationwide distributor of prosthetics and orthotics componetry for prosthetic and orthotic clinics.
 Kingsley Mfg. Co. -- Manufacturer of prosthetic equipment.
 Lehneis Orthotics and Prosthetics Associates, Ltd. -- Fabricator of orthotics and prosthetics in the New York Metro Region.
 Makers of Fine Prosthetics Since 1953 -- Creators of prosthetic eyes
 Monash University Rehabilitation Technology -- Customised orthotic/prosthetic components and a wide range of specialised rehabilitation equipment.
 New England Orthotic and Prosthetic Services -- Leading provider of quality orthotic and prosthetic patient care services and products.
 New Englandís Next Step Orthotics & Prosthetics -- Custom prostheses and artificial limbs from New Englandís amputee care centers. Locations in NH and RI.
 NovaCare- Main -- National provider of outpatient physical therapy and occupational health services.
 O and P National Office -- National office for American Board Certified Orthotists and Prosthetists.
 OrthoPro, Inc., -- Prosthetics and orthotics facility located in Indianapolis and Terre Haute, Indiana. Services include upper and lower extrmity orthotics and prosthetics.
 Orthotics and Prosthetics Online -- Provides prosthetic and orthotic patient care information and product information for amputees, orthotists, prosthetists, and therapists.
 OTS-Corp -- Providing custom orthotics central fabrication, specializing in lower extremity orthoses, orthotics componentry and PDQ Infrared Ovens for thermoforming plastic.
 Otto Bock Orthopedic Industry -- Worldwide manufacturer and distributor of orthotics and prosthetics componentry.
 P and O Network -- A large resource of prosthetic and orthotic providers.
 P.E.P.P.: prosthetic fitting and funding for children -- Supplies answers regarding the availability of pediatric upper limb prosthetics, possible funding sources, and information for a family support network.
 Patton Medical - Prosthetics and Orthotics - Columbus, Georgia -- Provider of state-of-the art technology and training for patients who need the high quality prosthetics and orthotics.
 Precision Prosthetics and Orthotics Inc. -- Offers an advanced and personalized approach to meeting each person's prosthetic and orthotics needs. Fits and fabricates prostheses and orthotics for patients of all ages and desired activity levels.
 PrimeCare Orthotics and Prosthetics Network -- A group of independent Orthotics and Prosthetics facility owners in Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Tennessee and Mississippi.
 Prosthetic -- Creates and fits the most durable life-like prosthetic skin for existing prosthetic devices. Also creates fingers, hands, arms, and feet prostheses completely out of silicone and silicone prosthetic skin.
 Rampro -- Maker of Activankle and Swimankle, prosthetic ankle joints for swimming, snow skiing, jet skiing, and rowing.
 Rehab Designs of America -- National provider of prosthetic and orthotic care centers.
 Restorative Care of America, Inc. -- Manufactures prefabricated orthopedic and rehabilitative orthoses. Located in Clearwater, Florida.
 SCOPe Orthotics and Prosthetics, Inc. -- Prosthetic and Orthotic fabricator.
 Scott D. Ganz, D.M.D., Prosthodontics, Maxillofacial Prosthetics and Implant Dentistry -- Resources for dental implant educational products, dental implant presentation technologies, patient and professional resources related to implant dentistry.
 Sierra Orthopedic Laboratory, Inc -- Major provider of prosthetics and orthotics in Sonoma County, CA.
 Snell Orthotics and Prosthetics Laboratory -- Provider of Orthotics and Prosthetics.
 Texas Assistive Devices -- Manufactures upper extremity help-aid products for individuals with hand dysfunctions.
 The Tracer Corporation -- Creators of the TracerCAD system. A system that can help prosthetists create a better fitting sockets without the need of plaster impressions.
 V-M Marketing -- Manufacturing suppliers of the Multifit range of orthoses and a major UK distributor for Darco footwear products
 Vorum Research Corporation -- The creators of the Canfit-Plus CAD/CAM system - Since 1989, Canfit-Plus has been used for design and manufacture of prosthetic sockets and orthotic braces.
 Webb Prosthetics -- Offers custom made and prefabricated breast, limb, and foot prosthetics and orthotics.
 WILMER Advanced Medical Technology -- Creator of advanced body powered arm prostheses and orthoses.
 Winkley Orthopedic Laboratories, Inc. -- Since 1888 this company has earned a reputation for dependable, high quality prosthetics and orthotics care. Golden Valley, MN, and Eau Claire, WI.

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