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 Addictive Disease -- Information about recovery from all addictions.
 Aging and Addiction -- How to help seniors overcome alcoholism and medication dependence. Addiction and recovery resource.
 Bulletproof Recovery -- Book by an addiction psychologist discusses his program to stay sober.
 Cheers! How To Build A Healthy Relationship With Alcohol -- Detailed information disclosing the ground-breaking discoveries helping problem drinkers overcome the addiction to alcohol and it's roots in hypoglycemia and sugar addiction.
 Confessions of A Dope Dealer -- By Sheldon Norberg. For anyone who's considering taking drugs, and everyone who has already.
 Cornerstones of Sobriety and Sanity -- Powerful book, producing astounding recovery success rates.
 Death Run -- A true story about alcoholism, drug addiction, and recovery through Alcoholics Anonymous and spirituality. Set against the backdrop of culture of the last five decades.
 Dictionary of Medical, Forensic and Street Terms for Drugs -- The Dictionary is an educational tool for drug abuse professionals. Entries include scientific names, trade names and street (illegal) terms.
 Drug and Alcohol Abuse: The Authoritative Guide for Parents, Teachers and Counselors -- The book describes prevention, diagnosis, treatment, recovery and relapse of this disorder. Also discussed are the pharmacology of abuse and the various drugs of abuse.
 Drug and Alcohol Abuse: The Authoritative Guide for Parents, Teachers, and Counselors -- Covers prevention, abuse, diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and relapse. For each drug of abuse the drug name, history, pharmacology, drug culture names, actions, withdrawal syndrome, and health consequences are discussed.
 Duck Blood Soup -- Gripping novel about a physician battling drug addiction and recovery set in today's high-pressure medical world.
 He Turned My Wine Into Water -- Written by a retired Pastor that lived the realities of alcoholism.
 Healing the Past -- A workbook for individuals who have survived abuse and desire to find healing and recovery.
 High Bottom Drunk -- Provides the simple truth about drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and recovery.
 I Am an Adult Who Grew Up In an Alcoholic Family -- First published in 1982, these characteristics have achieved wide circulation in the ACOA community. Download of book is for sale.
 Love First: Alcohol and Drug Intervention -- Published by Hazedlen, by Jeff Jay and Debra Jay. Information for people living with or related to someone with an alcohol or other drug problem.
 Nic-the Habit -- A spiritual approach to quitting smoking and not gaining weight. Based on Joe Weaver's journey through Nepal and Tibet.
 On Sober Reflection -- Quotes from Alcoholic Anonymous meetings by a longtime member.
 Powerfully Recovered -- Links, book reviews, free newsletter and other information for 12 Steppers who want to become and stay powerfully recovered. Offers a download of the first 25 pages.
 Radical Treatment -- Semi-fictional account of father who resorts to radical course of treatment to rid his talented athletic son of drug addiction; presents thought-provoking concepts. Screenplay available.
 Staying Sober -- The key to sobriety is happiness. Book by Rick Adair.
 Stop Bargaining and Stay Sober -- Alcoholism facts and alcoholism effects. Personal account of a recovering alcoholic.
 The Big Book Concordance -- Index to every word in The Big Book. Great reference resource.
 The Little Book of Heroin -- Book by Francis Moraes describes heroin history, use, and abuse. Information for harm reduction.
 The Woodie Chronicles -- Greg Pheonix's chronicle of alcohol abuse, alcohol treatment, and adventures with a Woodie (woody) station wagon.
 Uncle Bobby's Finally Sober -- A straight-talk book with hope for those struggling with alcohol addiction. By Bob Lang.

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