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ADD and ADHD - Medical Equipment

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 ADD to C3 Kids -- Marketing a nutritional program for children with attention deficit disorders.
 ADHD Books by Shelagh Pooley -- Offers two books; What’s in a Name and Names Don’t Count.
 ADHD/ADD: A Path to Success -- Lawrence Weathers. Revolutionary theory and patented treatment technology shows how ADHD/ADD can be unlearned rapidly, without drugs or diet. Describes psychologist-author's own successful struggle with ADHD.
 Attention Deficit Disorder: Solutions for Teachers and Parents -- Offering a book to help manage children with ADD/ADHD.
 Ed Hallowell: I Have Adult ADD -- Psychiatrist and author Ed Hallowell's article from personal experience, including helpful tips for adults and a link to his book.
 Get Kids Off Ritalin -- CDs and audio cassettes promoting handwriting exercises instead of Ritalin in the treatment of ADHD.
 Help for ADHD -- Top ten tips, list of resources, hidden treasures of ADHD.
 Jeffrey Freed, M.A.T -- Author of the book “Right Brained Children in a Left Brained world” He is also a contributing writer for the book “Uniquely Gifted” by Kiesa Kay as well as a contributor to the book “The Attention Deficit Solution, The Ultimate Self Help Guide for Teens, by Shane Hills and Elizabeth Blanchard.
 Learning Disabilities Specialist - Carol A. McMullen -- Offers two books to help parents and teachers of children with ADD/ADHD.
 Loving Your Active Child -- ADHD symptoms, the importance of an early diagnosis, and real-life examples of how other parents have helped their active children.
 Moving Beyond ADD/ADHD - The Book -- Diagnosis and treatment information for ADD / ADHD.
 Patience Press -- Publisher of books about post traumatic stress disorders and the online magazine Post Traumatic Gazette.
 Running on Ritalin -- Lawrence Diller's new book on Ritalin use in America. Offers current news and research on ADD.
 Scattered -- Scattered and Scattered Minds: Dr. Gabor Mate's best-selling books have helped children, adults and health professionals understand attention deficit disorder.
 The Complete ADD ADHD Book Store -- Books on the attention deficit disorders, for parents, teachers, and professionals.
 The Ritalin Free Child -- About managing hyperactivity without the use of ritalin, or other drugs similar to ritalin.
 Transforming the Difficult Child -- A book about the 'nurtured heart approach,' a set of strategies developed specifically for children with ADHD and other challenging behaviors to facilitate parenting and classroom success.
 Why Can't My Child Behave -- A parent's guide to ADD/ADHD. Easy to read compilation of living with a child with behavior problems. Based on the Feingold Association program. Better behavior without drugs.
 Women From Another Planet? -- Written by women with Asperger's Syndrome about how their lives are affected by the condition.

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