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 Answers to 25 Health Questions -- A booklet that gives easy to understand answers to 25 very important health questions.
 Back To Natural Health -- Dr. WR Meeks. Dedicated to improve life emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually with natural medicine. A nutritional guide.
 Battling The MSG Myth -- Debbie Anglesey. MSG or aspartame may be causing your headaches, stomach problems, depression, asthma, chronic fatigue, hyperactivity, or joint pain.
 Detox Your World -- Information about the book of the same name. Site includes recipes and information about retreats.
 Diet Directives -- Book outlining a new weight loss program, a common sense program for weight loss and to help overcoming overeating by living a healthy lifestyle.
 Don Lemmon's Know How -- Nutritionist to many celebrities and pro athletes. Specializes in fat loss, obesity, digestion and body building.
 Eating For Healing -- A cookbook compiled from my trials and tribulations with changing diets to eat healthier and from natural means.
 Eating Well for Optimum Health -- Dr. Andrew Weil's book on eating right and eating happily, featuring the optimum diet and recipes.
 Food Additives: A Shopper's Guide To What's Safe and What's Not -- Most packaged food, even health foods, contain additives. Many are harmful or inadequately tested. Learn to read labels; know what's in your food.
 Heart Healthy -- Best-selling author Joe Piscatella gives guidance, recipes and his unique outlook for keeping healthy and stress free in a 'fast paced double burger world.'
 Life Balances International -- Dr. Lendon Smith MD, speaks out about health and nutrition through individual blood chemistry. Balanced smart health supplements and electrolytes without the guesswork
 Max Living -- Find the nutritional approach to stave off aging and have energy, vitality, and good health.
 Natural Hormonal Enhancement -- A natural, holistic, hormonal approach to health, substantiated by over 1700 pinpoint scientific references.
 One Simple Truth -- Water is the basic building block of life, and the key ingredient to optimum health. Manual with diet, nutrition, and health information.
 Potatoes Not Prozac by Dr. Kathleen DesMaisons -- If antidepressants leave you feeling moody, impulsive, overwhelmed, eating compulsively, you may be sugar sensitive. Learn to give your body the food it needs to keep your emotions in balance.
 Real Health Remedies -- Benefit from alternative to conventional medicine and avoid becoming the victim of outmoded theories, hazardous drug and surgical procedures.
 Secrets of Bodybuilding Nutrition -- Rheo Blair's books on health.
 Syndrome X -- The complete nutritional program to prevent and reverse insulin resistance. By Jack Challem, The Nutrition Reporterô Burt Berkson, M.D., Ph.D. Melissa Diane Smith, nutrition counselor
 Take Two Apples -- By Judy Stone. Book is about health, wellness, and making healthy food choices. Helpful for weight loss and affecting mood in a positive way.
 The Cardiac Surgeon's Diet and Health Design -- Information regarding vitamin and mineral needs; carbohydrates, fat and protein, necessary portion control, the homocysteine factor and lifestyle recommendations. Monthly newsletter.
 The Feeding Revolution -- Author Adamski, on a common sense method that prepares you for a healthier future.
 The Ideal Diet for Human Health -- Offers a book, newsletter and online consultation about a low carbohydrate diet.
 Unofficial Guide to Smart Nutrition -- Dr. Ross Hall. Casts nutritional quality in terms of foods you actually buy in supermarket and deli. Check your shopping skills with his quiz.
 Vedic Cuisine: A Gourmet Guide for Bliss Consciousness -- Ayurvedic cookbook contains simple, fun, and easy to prepare healthy, balancing vegetarian recipes, designed in a clear and easy to read layout.
 What The Bible Says About Healthy Living -- Biblical principles for better health.

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