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 Beyond Kegels -- Book and kit can teach behavioral methods to help control incontinince. These behavioral methods usually are very simple and effective for specific types of urinary incontinence.
 Desperately Seeking Snoozin' -- Author John Wiedman's experience and cure with chronic insomnia. The book is now recommended by sleep clinics in the US and Canada for their insomnia patients
 Embarrassing Problems -- Information and excerpts from the book to help you deal with health problems that are difficult to discuss, including shyness, baldness, acne, and sex.
 Everyone Should Know About Burns -- The story of Alvin Isom, a teen-ager who survived serious burn injuries. His mother, Max Anne Isom, describes the hospitalization and healing process, and provides resources for burn survivors.
 Finding Our Way -- Pat Oreilly's book argues that all people in pain can lead happy, productive lives.
 Funny Face -- A young boy born with Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) of the nose, includes the history of his trials and tribulations and eventual surgery to correct the situation.
 Hearing Better: Understanding Your Options -- A 'plain English' book for persons with a known or suspected hearing loss.
 How I Overcame Psoriasis -- Kent Russell provides findings from personal testing of various treatments for psoriasis.
 How to Use the Footarch Correctly -- Book on how the foot arch works can help relieve foot pain, flat feet, shin splints and other foot problems.
 Listen To Your Gut -- Effective natural healing methods for IBD and IBS. Heal and manage Crohn's, colitis, diverticulitis and IBS naturally. Includes herbs, diets, bodywork therapies, and mental techniques.
 Pain Talk: Coping With Chronic Pain -- A spiritually written and support oriented resource, offering encouragement, consolation and comfort to those suffering with chronic pain.
 Psoriasis Can Be Cured -- Dr. Robert Connolly details a treament plan for this skin disorder, based on diet and herbal supplements.
 Ringing In The Ears -- A short discussion on tinnitus and the path to relief.
 Second Chances: Receiving the Gift of Life -- Inspirational stories about donor families and liver, kidney, and heart transplant recipients. Detailed medical information about the heart transplant surgery itself and also the process for getting listed for a heart transplant.
 Strength, Courage and Confidence -- Written by an adult patient about the after effects of her childhood hemangioma.
 The Eye Book -- A comprehensive reference to help people care for their eyes and protect their vision, with the latest information on the changes and diseases that occur with aging. Johns Hopkins University Press.
 The Invisible Fire -- The only complete history of Smallpox and of the brave and idiosyncratic men and women who defeated one of nature's most lethal viruses.
 The Kidney Stones Handbook -- Written by a kidney stone patient and consumer health advocate and award-winning urologist. Information on stone prevention.
 The Saga of the Kidney Stone Kid -- One man's traumatic experiences with the health care system and how he has managed to survive numerous goofs and gaffes. By Chris Mitsoff.
 Trials, Tribulations & Survival -- Written by Louisa, born with spina bifida, offering inspiration for others with the condition.
 Wall of Fog: Struggle With Blindness -- A self-help book for people experiencing vision loss, especially due to Macular Degeneration. This blind writer/publisher also has made this a valuable resource for people coping with other losses. Blind Press.

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