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 ABILITYHUB - Assistive Technology Solutions -- Assistive Technology for people with a disability who find operating a computer difficult, maybe even impossible. They handle adaptive equipment and alternative methods for accessing computers and for augmenting communication.
 Alex Speech Aids and Accessories -- This company carries the Servox, Amplicord and TruTone Artificial Larynx, and the ChatterVox Voice Amplifier. They also carry a full line of accessories for the laryngectomee to include a special CPR kit, shower protectors, foam filters, various styles of stoma covers (foam, knit, crocheted and cotton scarves), 'Neck Breather' bracelets and holsters for carrying artificial larynx.
 ATOS MEDICAL - USA -- Atos Medical now has a US office located in Wisconsin. Atos manufactures the Provox System including Provox and Provox2 indwelling voice prosthesis and Provox Pulmonary Rehabilitation products including Provox Heat and Moisture Exchanger (HME), Stomvent and Stomvent 2, and the LaryTube system of HME compatible laryngectomee tubes. Atos also distributes the TruTone and the SolaTone Electrolarynx devices.
 B&K Prescription Shop -- Artificial Larynx devices, amplifiers, batteries, shower collars, stoma covers, filters and miscellaneous laryngectomee supplies.
 Boston Medical Products, Inc. -- Boston Medical Products, Inc. designs and manufactures quality surgical products for the otolaryngologist. A supplier of laryngectomy products, also manufactures tracheostomy surgical products, including a thyroplasty implant system for unilateral vocal cord paralysis; tracheal cannula system and speaking valves.
 Bruce Medical Supply -- Free Catalog containing a large selection of laryngectomee supplies: Servox, ADDvoxII, turtleneck stoma covers, fashion stoma scarves, shower shields, foam stoma filters, double-sided adhesive foam stoma disks.
 Communicative Medical, Inc. -- Supplier of artificial larynx devices, amplifiers and a full line of laryngectomee supplies. Communicative Medical clinically specializes in voice problems - they are ASHA certified, experienced and standing ready to help.
 Crestwood Co. -- Portable affordable Talking Crespeaker, switches, devices, beepers, and communication boards. Free Catalog: Communication Aids for Children and Adults.
 CyberBioMed - International, Ltd. -- A new company in Palm Beach, FL; distributors of the MicroVox, HiVox, and GoldVox electrolarynx devices and various other laryngectomee-related devices and accessories.
 Dean Rosecrans -- SPKR artificial larynx at minimum Medicare price, assignment accepted. Cover Up Shower Stoma Protector, stoma filters and covers. Free Sample Kit available.
 Dudley Hearing Aids and Laryngectomee Supplies -- A Corpus Christi, Texas company. Laryngectomy Products and Service (Servox Inton).
 HITEC -- Assistive Products for the deaf, hearing impaired, blind, and mobility impaired. Operates the National Assistive Device Center providing a number of speech related devices to include Servox and Optivox electro-larynx devices and speech amplified telephones and handsets.
 Inhealth Technologies -- Featuring the Blom-Singer Tracheoesophageal Voice Restoration Devices as well as a wide selection of other laryngectomee products.  Contact them for a complimentary, extensive catalog or educational video.
 Kapitex -- Kapitex Healthcare Ltd. is a specialist company focusing on Head and Neck cancer and airway management for laryngectomy and tracheostomy patients.  Offers the NeoNaze system, Trachi-Naze, Buchanan, Laryngofoam, and Hydrolox stoma filters; tracheostomy tubes and associated equipment; and DeltaNex cravats and Romet stoma covers.
 LaBlanca Jewelry -- Neckwear: Jewelry, Neckbands, Slides, Bolos, Beaded Necklaces, and Scarves. Some items are specially made to fit over the Hands Free Valve.
 Lauder Enterprises Inc. -- Sales and service of Servox Inton, NuVois, Griffin TruTone, Sola-Tone, Denrick, Amplicord, Optivox, Romet, and Cooper-Rand. Shower Shield shower collar, stoma covers and filters. Booklets - 'Self Help for the Laryngectomee', 'Mamaw's New Voice', 'Papaw's New Voice', and others.  Audio Tape - 'Postlaryngectomy Speech Instruction'.
 Luminaud -- Offers the Cooper-Rand, Denrick 3, NU-VOIS, SERVOX Inton, Sola-Tone, Optivox and the TrueTone electrolarynx devices, complete with all accessories, batteries, and chargers. In-house repair for Cooper-Rands, Denricks, Romets, AT&T, and Aurex-Neo Vox devices. Books for laryngectomees. Manufacturer of the Rand Voice Amplifier and the Voicette Amplifier; retailer for the Chatter-Vox and the Mini-Vox and the larger Anchor Audio equipment. Wide variety of stoma covers.
 LWT Enterprises -- Booklet - 'Look Who's Talking, A Guide to Esophageal Speech' - an easy to understand manual for esophageal speech that was written by a laryngectomee.
 Medical Innovations International Inc. -- Suppliers of the Barton-Mayo Tracheostoma Button to provide leak-proof tracheostoma valve retention for near-total and total laryngectomy patients.
 SERVOX AG - For Medicine & Mankind -- Servox Inton electrolarynx, starter sets, tracheal cannulas and cannula accessories, tracheostoma protection equipment, air humidifiers, speech amplifiers, emergency equipment for laryngectomees. Servox AG is also a major sponsor of the IRL - Institute for Rehabilitation of Laryngectomees.
 Servox Digital -- The SERVOX Digital Artificial Larynx provides the same superior sound quality as the original Inton but with major improvements to other areas.
 Tefa-Portanje -- Supplier of laryngectomee products in The Netherlands. Carries major voice prostheses and voice restoration devices. They also offer a VoiceMaster front-loading, indwelling voice prosthesis.
 UltraVoice -- Speech simulator built into an upper denture or a retainer, activated by a control unit with hands free features.

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