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Location: Main > Disabilities - Adaptive Equipment > Assistive Technology > Hearing > Assistive Listening Devices

 ALDS -- Manufactures infrared assistive listening devices, telephone and loop testers, T-switch training aids, and computerized notetaking systems.
 Ameriphone -- Offers innovative communications equipment for people with unique needs.
 AssistiveAudio -- US distributor of Ampetronic Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems, designed to provide assistive listening to those with hearing disabilities and others needing a controlled sound environment.
 Audex -- Provides assistive listening devices for hearing impaired individuals.
 Audio Enhancement -- Providing hearing professionals with ALD equipment, services, and technical assistance.
 Audiologyproducts.com -- Lamp-like TV assistive listening device and infection control covers for headphones.
 Auditech -- Offers TTY and assistive devices for the deaf and hard of hearing.
 Buyer's Haven -- Products and accessories for the hearing impaired.
 Centrum Sound -- Offers assistive listening and hearing assistance systems.
 Communications Unlimited -- Resells deaf and hard of hearing equipment, sign language books, and videotapes.
 Did You Hear Me -- Proposes a complete online audio hearing test with immediate results explained in detail.
 Global Assistive Devices -- Manufactures and distributes devices for the deaf and hard of hearing like clocks, phone signalers and bed shakers.
 HAC of America Group, The -- Offers speciality products for people who are hard of hearing or deaf.
 Harris Communications -- Proposes a broad range of products for deaf and hard of hearing people, including TTYs, notification systems, amplified telephones, and assistive listening systems.
 Hear Central -- Proposes a wide range of assistive devices for seniors, hard of hearing and deaf persons.
 Hearing and Speech Deafness Center -- Assistive devices for the deaf, hard of hearing and speech impaired.
 Hearing Loss Help Company -- Resells assistive listening and alerting devices for deaf and hard of hearing consumers.
 Hearing Shop -- Hearing aids, pocket talkers, tty's and all specialty listening devices for the hard of hearing. Use a personal shopper to locate the ideal personal health aid.
 HearingDepot.com -- Features a wide selection of assistive listening products for the hard of hearing including amplified telephones and signaling and alerting devices.
 HITEC Group International -- Assistive products for the deaf, hearing impaired, blind, and mobility impaired.
 Hound Dog Hearing -- Features aids for TV listening, alert devices, and amplified phones.
 Life with Ease -- Amplified telephones, TTY, alert systems and many other discounted products to help people live with injuries and impairments. All presented at an informative and easily navigated site.
 Marilyn Electronics -- Proposes assistive products to help most deaf or hearing impaired people, including TTY devices, amplified telephones, remote signalers, vibrating watches.
 Nationwide Flashing Signal Systems -- Discount retailer of products for the deaf and hard of hearing.
 Nex Gen Products -- Offers visual alerting products for deaf and hard of hearing people.
 Oval Window Audio -- North American company producing a full line of induction loop systems.
 Potomac Technology -- Provides assistive listening devices, alerting systems, text telephones, signalers, and other related equipment.
 Sensory Communications -- Offers a messaging service that allows hearing impaired people to use a normal text telephone to send and receive email messages.
 Shake Awake -- Offers a vibrating alarm clock for anyone who has trouble hearing a traditional alarm clock.
 SJS Services -- Provides specialist equipment for people who are deaf and hard of hearing, including loop systems and paging systems.
 Sonic Alert -- Manufacturer of assistive listening devices for the deaf and hard of hearing.
 Sound Choice Assistive Listening -- Full service company specializing in audio solutions for the hearing impaired.
 Sound Induction Systems -- Design supply and installation of sound systems and induction loop systems for the hearing impaired throughout the UK and abroad. Also conference sound and recording.
 Specialtyphones.com -- Supplies telephone equipment for the visually and hearing impaired, including TTY machines and hearing accessories.
 Speech Reading Laboratory -- Provides a video course on lip reading for home study to assist anyone with hearing difficulty.
 Teltex -- Retailer of TTY/TDD devices for the deaf and the hard of hearing.
 TV Ears -- Manufactures listening systems for everyone, including people who have a hearing loss.
 Ultratec -- Manufactures text telephones (TTY), amplified phones and alerting devices for people who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired.
 United TTY Sales and Service -- Provides technology for the deaf and hard of hearing, including TTY sales and repair.
 Weitbrecht Communications -- Offers assistive products for the hard of hearing, deaf or speech impaired, including TTYs, amplified phones and signaling devices.
 Williams Sound -- Manufactures assistive listening products and commercial sound products.

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