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 Abdominal Exercisers  Flexibility Accessories
 Heart Monitors

 American Dumbbell Supporter -- Manufacturer of exercise equipment designed to improve workout with dumbbells.
 American Toning -- Suppliers of specialist exercise equipment and muscle toners.
 Armblaster -- Carries an arm muscle developer and training tips.
 Arme Headquarters Crown Fitness -- A new fitness and rehab training device for hands, arms, forearms wrists and shoulders.
 Back Bull -- A sports and industrial lumbar support system designed by a chiropractor.
 Bodylastics -- Adjustable exercise band system designed to recreate health club exercises.
 Bodytronics -- Offers heart rate monitors, pedometers, and body fat testers.
 Bullworker -- A device assisting in muscle building and toning, for men and women includes exercise, tips and illustrations.
 Buy Fitness Stuff -- Offering unique and innovative fitness products and fitness gifts specially selected to enhance your quality of life.
 Buy Mats -- Offering a wide array of mats from exercise treadmill and bike mats to yoga mats and playmats.
 Circum^Flex -- A portable isometric isokinetic exercise muscle toning bar that can provide lasting results.
 Clinical Technology (NZ) Ltd -- Maker of Thermastrap a wide variety of heated support wraps.
 Creative Health Products -- A large selection of health and fitness products for online ordering.
 Dynaflex International -- Offering equipment designed for repetitive stress injury and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
 Dynaflex Store -- Offers strength training exercise equipment.
 Dynamax, Inc. -- The full-sized medicine ball that is affordable, portable, durable and dependable. Guaranteed for 5 years. Made in the USA.
 Exerbelt -- The belt you wear that exercises the your upper body.
 Exerstrider Trekking Poles -- Walking poles designed to help you lose weight and achieve total body fitness.
 Exertools Direct -- Carries a complete line of exercise and physiotherapy equipment. Our specialty is gymballs and dynadiscs.
 Fitness Technologies -- Fitness products including swimmer's radio, heart rate monitor, walker's radio, personal massager and pedometer.
 Fitness Wholesale -- Offering fitness professionals and with a full line of quality fitness equipment accessories including everything from heart monitors and jump ropes to exercise mats.
 FitSense -- Sensor and sports watch tracks distance, current pace, average pace and chronograph while running. Optional heart rate and online training available.
 Funflexor -- An exercise accessory with a variety of uses. Benefits and purchasing information.
 Gripstik -- Wrist exerciser increases grip strength and forearm strength.
 Grizzly Fitness Accessories -- A manufacturer and distributor of weightlifting and exercise belts and fitness accessory products. Based in Canada.
 GymMate -- Offering a hand-held digital personal fitness trainer containing pre-programmed exercises for every major muscle group.
 Harbinger -- Maker of many different fitness accessories including gloves, wraps and weight belts also offering protective skate gear.
 Heart Mind -- Selling Polar heart rate monitors.
 Heartpacers -- Selling heart rate monitors pedometers and related items.
 House of Pain Ironwear -- Offers all sorts of gym-bags including duffels and totes.
 Jacob's Ladder -- The patented treadmill climber that utilizes low impact activity to optimize cardiovascular and physical training efforts.
 Kanak Enterprises -- Offers a large variety of fitness accessories.
 Kienergizer -- Offering a body harmonizing workout machine.
 LinRay Enterprises -- Headquarters for the top names in fitness equipment selling exercise machines and accessories. -- Provides resistance training for the respiratory muscles that surround the lungs.
 MarsupialTowel -- Makers of a towel with a pocket in it. Very usful to store things like keys or cell phone in while at the gym.
 Medisend Limited -- Sport injury and sport fitness equipment including heart rate and blood pressure monitors. Supports and braces for injuries.
 Netfitco -- Offers common and hard-to-find fitness accessories in their online shopping catalog. Find information on the latest home and commercial exercise equipment.
 New Life Styles -- DIGI-WALKER pedometers, NL-2000 activity monitors, physical activity programs for schools, corporations and individuals.
 New Lifestyles -- Offers several different health and fitness accessories including pedometers, fitness jewelry, and stationary. Kansas City, MO, US.
 Nexerciser -- Designed to strengthen, rehabilitate and prevent injury to the muscles of the cervical spine.
 NRG Ball -- Exercise equipment for sports conditioning, muscle toning and cardiovascular health, gallery, coaches corner, and testimonials.
 Pedometer -- Offers pedometers as a motivational weight loss tool.
 Play Trend -- Offer dynabee the origanal gyro exerciser to be used in all fields of sports by Play Trend Exclusive.
 PowerSkip -- A new model extreme fitness device. Gives the same effect as a trampoline with the convenience of inline skating.
 Precision Plastics -- Maker of the Flip Rack an easy to use universal reading rack for various types of cardio equipment.
 Reading Rack -- Clear reading racks for exercise equipment.
 RoShaw Enterprises -- Physical conditioning tool designed to work upper and lower body.
 RYP Sports -- Offers electronics and accessories, including pedometers, heart rate monitors, and radios.
 Savage Accessories -- Manufacturer and distributor of many different fitness equipment accessories including bike and tread mats, reading racks, and water bottle holders.
 Scales -- Digital and mechanical weight scales from Omron, Tanita, Detecto and Medela.
 Simply Fit -- Offering fitness information, and a variety of cycling products and accessories.
 SJE Health and Fitness Products -- Offers heart rate monitors, blood pressure monitors, fitness books, scales, pedometers, and resistance bands.
 SlimStep -- Palm-sized pedometer that also performs body fat analysis.
 Sport Bands -- Three products for full body resistance training workouts: The Sport Bands, the Maxx Bands for advanced exercisers, and the Pro Shadow Boxing Band for cardio-boxing.
 Sports hoop -- New generation hula hoops for adult and teenager workout fitness.
 SportsWrap -- A personal cooling system for people with active lifestyles.
 Standing Firm, Inc. -- Targes lower muscle workouts.
 Tanita Scales for Life -- Offers body fat scales, analyzers and monitors for personal and professional use.
 The OOOF Ball -- Medicine ball allows users to cross train and condition.
 The Sports Breather -- An inspiratory/expiratory resistive breathing trainer.
 The Thomas Inch Challenge Dumbbell -- Advertisement for the Thomas Inch Dumbbell. Specifications and distributors.
 Thinkfit -- Makes Smartbells, new weights that combine yoga, tai chi and weight training for a total body workout in less than 10 minutes.
 Tone at Home -- Fitness toning tables designed to provide muscle conditioning and bodyshaping.
 Trek Poles -- Offers collapsible poles from Masters, Leki and Life Link for use with hiking or skiing.
 Twist-O-Grip -- A device for increasing grip, wrist and forearm strength.
 VitalityWeb -- Vendor of various fitness related accessories including back pillows and supports, and nutritional supplements.
 Walk4Life -- Supplier of pedometers for personal or school use. Plainfield, Illinois.

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