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 Arch Rivals -- Offers diabetic shoes, insoles, socks and impression foam box.
 Arch+Aid Compression Wraps -- Product designed to prevent and relieve arch related foot pain.
 Aussie Insoles -- Offers shoe insole to relieve tired or aching feet.
 Balsan Cosmetic -- Hand & foot care solutions for calluses and corns.
 Body Cushion Brand -- Offers a variety of insoles providing shock absorption, comfort and protection.
 Brightlife Direct -- Support hosiery and compression products for men and women. -- Herbal treatment for peripheral neuropathy of the foot and leg.
 Doctors Foot Source -- Shopping site for all your foot care needs.
 Dr. Foot -- Purchase shoes and foot related products such as insoles, odor eaters and bunion shields.
 Dr. Patty's Skincare Products, Inc. -- Foot cream to treat dry, cracked, peeling, and callused skin.
 Dr. Pedicure -- Pumice stones that remove callouses, leaving feet smooth, refreshed, and clean.
 Dr. Scholl's -- Manufacturer of foot care products for relieving and preventing foot, heel and knee pain.
 Economy Class Syndrome -- Offers Jobst medical compression stockings.
 Featherspring -- Custom-fit foot supports with a lifetime guarantee.
 FeetFlex -- A compact and portable stepper that can improve circulation.
 Floraleads -- Herbal footbath and natural foot care.
 Foot Care Express -- Offers computerized custom arch support through the web.
 Foot Express -- Foot care home health products and treatments.
 Foot FXR -- Complete line of foot care products and appliances.
 Foot Log -- A foot or body massager and exerciser.
 Foot Path -- Offers a variety of insoles and footwear accessories.
 Foot Petals Inc. -- Tip Toes™ designer ball-of-foot cushions for women's fashion footwear.
 Foot Trac -- Foot products such as insoles, gel heel cups, nail fungus remover and arch pads.
 Foot Trainer -- Unique products and effective exercises for foot pain and related conditions.
 FootAmerica Products -- Foot pain and ankle pain relief products.
 Footcare Online -- Footcare information and products.
 Grreat Products, Ltd. -- Offers products for ingrown toenails and foot odor.
 Health Renu -- Skin and wound care products for foot and related conditions.
 Iris-Pro -- Offers inflatable shoe inserts with built-in air pump.
 J&C Associates -- Specialize in the sale of compression garments, particularly Jobst support stockings.
 JMG Products -- Offers an all-natural product that kills foot odor causing bacteria.
 Kinetic Footwear -- Offers Springbak performance-boosting Springsoles.
 Mark Enterprises -- Products include gel insoles and heel cups.
 Mediven Travel -- Medical compression stockings which reduce the risk of flight-related (DVT) deep vein thrombosis.
 Miracle Products -- Miracle Stone and Pedicare pumice stone. Foot, skin and nail care products for the professional.
 Molly Polly -- Specialist footwear providing comfort and freedom for people suffering from foot disorders. -- Information and products for foot and ankle problems.
 NailEase Ingrown Toenail Treatment -- A treatment for ingrown or pressure-sensitive toenails.
 No Sweaty Feet -- A complete new treatment to ease the discomfort of sweaty feet.
 NoMoreOdor -- Eliminate foot and underarm odor.
 Nordic Care -- Foot care system from Sweden for the control of dry cracked heels.
 North Coast Foot Care -- Medical products for feet.
 Odor-Eaters -- Insoles, powders, sprays and socks designed to meet your foot odor and wetness needs.
 On Your Toes -- Offers bactericide formula that kills the bacteria that cause foot and shoe odor.
 Online Arch Supports -- Customized arch supports for total foot comfort and increased athletic performance.
 Orthopaedic Medical Supply -- Night Splint for plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis and heel spurs.
 Overstreet Health Center -- Offers support stockings, socks and hosiery.
 PediFix -- Information for consumers, medical professionals, and retailers of their products for feet. -- Online shoe and foot care mall.
 PharmaQuest -- Presents a unique product that vanishes varicose veins.
 Pittsburgh Plastics -- Applications using proprietary IsogelTM Urethane Elastomer include gel footcare insoles and facial masks.
 PPS Footcare -- Provides products specifically designed for the health and welfare of feet.
 Quality Medical Supply -- Comprehensive selection of Jobst compression hoses.
 Re Skin Care -- Provides all-natural Emu oil based medicinal pain relieving analgesic and rejuvenating skin care products.
 RxSorbo -- Sorbothane performance and shock absorbing insoles.
 Safetime Cast Toe Guard -- Protects delicate areas after surgery and setting of broken bones, promoting healing.
 SalonSoc -- Toeless pedicure sock to keep toes clean and warm while nail polish is drying. -- Cushioned Anti- Pronation Inserts.
 Shower-Dri -- Cast bandage and prosthesis protector.
 Sock Genie -- Sock assist for installing and removing compression hosiery.
 Svensk Fotfil -- Swedish foot file with long-lasting coarse and fine surfaces in two sizes and assorted colors. -- Scented stockings that give off a long lasting scent with each step you take.
 The Heeler -- The safe, simple exerciser to gain relief from heel pain, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and foot pain. -- Offer Spenco medical foot care products.
 Thera-Foot -- Therapeutic socks and other unique foot care products.
 Therawear -- Hosiery and footwear used in the treatment and prevention of medical conditions of the legs and feet.
 Ultra Cushion Insoles -- Do-it-yourself insoles with cushion that molds to the shape of your own feet.
 Universole -- Complete arch support system that you can custom fit to reduce foot and ankle pain.
 Walk Easy -- Offers dropped foot dorsiflexion assistor device.
 XeroSox -- Waterproof protection for casts, bandages and prosthetics.

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