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 Arizona Breath Clinic -- Offers chlorine dioxide mouth rinse, toothpaste and spray proven to reduce volatile sulfur compounds that cause bad breath.
 Australian Fresh Breath Agency -- Offers nasal drops, toothpastes and a triclosan rinse to reduce the bacteria that causes bad breath.
 Biocurv Medical Instruments -- Features several models of stainless steel tongue cleaners to reduce bad breath and improve oral health.
 Breath Patrol -- Offers this all-natural, breath lozenge that eliminates odors from alcohol, garlic, onion, spicy foods, smoking, and prescription drugs. Contact for orders outside of the US.
 Breeze Care Systems -- Offers halitosis and post nasal drip products.
 Center for Breath Treatment -- Presents this San Francisco, California area center for the treatment of bad breath. Schedule an appointment, or purchase the treatment kit or oral irrigator.
 Dentall Industries Inc. -- Offers techniques to fight bad breath like flossing and brushing, gargling, tongue cleaning, and tips to make toothpaste better. Provides plastic strip style tongue cleaners.
 Frontier Pharmaceutical -- Innovator in the development of chlorine dioxide based oral health care products to reduce bad breath. Also offers products for the veterinary and commercial markets.
 Listerine PocketPaks -- Listerine PocketPaks are the new oral care strips that kill bad breath germs and fight gum disease.
 OraMedix, Inc. -- Features plastic tongue scrapers in multiple colors as well as plaque fighting tooth brushes.
 ProFresh International Corp -- Features kits of chlorine dioxide rinses, tongue cleaner and supplies to eliminate bad breath and mouth bacteria. Also sells refills of individual items.
 Rowpar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. -- Offers CloSYSII based broducts including oral rinse, toothpaste and breath spray that neutralizes odor-causing compounds. Call to arrange for shipments outside the continental US.
 Sakool, Inc. -- Offers single strip tongue scrappers that remove bacterial film that causes bad breath in spearmint, cinnamon, and unscented flavors. Also provides a FAQ and fresh breath tips. Contact required for shipping outside of the USA.
 The Breath Center -- Offers a range of products like tongue scrapers, gels, and sprays as well as complete kits to address bad breath. Also provides information about the problem and how to treat it on a day-to-day basis.
 Therabreath -- Products and information concerning bad breath, taste disorders, dry mouth and tooth whitening from Dr. Harold Katz.
 TriOral -- Offers an alcohol-free spray to assist in eliminating bad breath. US and Canadian sales only.
 Victoria Hygiene -- Offers a tongue scraper in five colors to remove oral bacteria that cause bad breath, gum disease, dental decay and plaque. Based in Canada.

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