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 Baby Diapers  Incontinence
 Tissues and Wipes

 Accantia Group -- UK. Multi-national manufacturers of feminine hygiene and skin care products, and anti-bacterial soaps. Private label services. Site opens in new, full screen window.
 Amir Paper Products., Ltd -- Israel. Manufacturers of a range of baby diapers, feminine hygiene and adult incontinence products, and sanitary napkins. Private label services.
 Bambo AS -- Denmark. Multi-national manufacturing company. Baby diapers, female hygiene, incontenence products and household articles. Technical descriptions and environmental information. Part of the Abena Company.
 BICMA Hygiene Technologies GmbH -- Germany. Manufacturers of feminine hygiene, nursing pads and adult incontinence products. Multi-lingual site.
 Cotton King Manufacturing Pvt., Ltd -- South Africa. Own brand and private label cotton wool rolls and balls for personal care and medical uses. Also, cotton pleats and swabs.
 Dambi, Ltd -- UK. Manufacturers of a range of feminine hygiene products. Pant liners, and traditional and anatomic towels. Private label services.
 Delipap Oy -- Finland. Manufacturers of baby diapers, sanitary towels, panty liners and breast pads, and adult incontinence products. English and Finnish.
 Disposable Soft Goods, Ltd -- Hong Kong. Multi-national company, specialised in the manufacture and distribution of disposable baby diapers, adult incontinence, feminine hygiene and training pants products.
 First Quality Enterprises, Inc -- USA. Manufacturers of feminine hygiene, baby diapers and adult incontinence disposables for retail and institutional distribution. Also, washcloths and underpad systems. Detailed FAQs.
 Hartmann Group -- Germany. Manufacturers of surgical and hygienic disposable products. Also, cotton wool, panty shields and nappies. Downloadable software for incontinence logistic management and assessment. English, German and French.
 Hospital Specialty Company -- USA. Personal care and hygiene products for the retail and institutional markets. Feminine hygiene, sanitary napkins, baby diapers and wipes, adult incontinence products, and washroom accessories. MSDS data. Articles and publications. List of events. Links to related sites.
 HYGA GmbH -- Germany. Multi-national manufacturers of paper based hygiene disposables and care products. Feminine and baby hygiene, tissues and wet wipes, and cotton products. Private label services. Also, commercial marketing research and consumer tests. English and german.
 Hysalma GmbH -- Germany. Private label manufacturers of feminine hygiene and body care products, and adult incontinence disposables. Also, baby diapers, tissues and wipes. English and German.
 Indelpa SA -- Mexico. Manufacturers of baby diapers, wet wipes, feminine hygiene and adult incontinence disposables. Also, medical disposables. Private label services. English and Spanish.
 Joint International BV -- The Netherlands. Manufacturers of disposable hygiene, healthcare, cleaning and decorative products, from nonwovens and laminated composites and films. Also, product development services and technical consultancy. Detailed product and raw materials descriptions.
 Kendall Confab Group -- USA. Manufacturers of feminine hygiene, baby diapers and incontinence care products. Detailed product information. Private label and store brand services.
 Kimberly-Clark Corp -- USA. Multi-national consumer products manufacturing company. Name brand range of hygiene disposables for babies, children and adults. Also, incontinence, personal care and healthcare products.
 Kronosept AB -- Sweden. Manufacturers of a range of name brand feminine hygiene disposables. Sanitary towels, panty liners, and maternity and incontinence pads. Also, standard and custom made disposables converting and packaging machinery. Private label services. English and Swedish.
 Ledysan Spa -- Italy. Name brand range of baby diapers, sanitary napkins and adult incontinence disposables. Also, normalizing creams. Multi-lingual site.
 Linette, Ltd -- Cyprus. Manufacturers of own brand and privat label baby diapers and adult incontinence disposables. Detailed packaging information.
 Ontex -- Belgium. Multi-national manufacturing company. Private label and contract manufacture of feminine hygiene, baby diapers and incontinence products. Also, medical disposables.
 Pozzani Disposables Spa -- Italy. Manufacturers of a name brand range of baby diapers and feminine hygiene products. Also, cotton and cotton by-products. Part of the ICT Group. English and Italian.
 Premier Care Industries -- Canada. Name brand range of feminine hygiene products, baby wet wipes and diapers, and adult incontinence disposables. Private label manufacturing services. Links to health related resources.
 Procter & Gamble -- USA. Multi-national manufacturers of family, personal and household care products. Feminine hygiene, baby diapers, wipes and bibs, and paper napkins, tissues and towels.
 Rostam, Ltd -- Israel. Multi-national private label manufacturers of applicator and non-applicator tampons. Also, organic cotton and ECO label tampons.
 SCA Hygiene Products -- Germany. Multi-national hygiene disposables manufacturers. Baby diapers, adult incontinence products, feminine hygiene, tissues, towels and napkins, and handkerchiefs. Part of Svenska Cellulosa AB.
 Stanford Professional Products Corp -- USA. Design and manufacture of paper and nonwovens based disposable products for the healthcare and incontinence markets. Detailed product catalogs, with technical information and specifications.
 Tosama dd -- Slovenia. Manufacturers and distributors of a name brand range of hygiene and baby care products, household cleaning wipes and medical supplies, from textile and nonwoven materials. Multi-lingual site.
 Toyoeizai Corp -- Japan. Paper based hygiene and medical disposables. Baby diapers and wipes. Healthcare and incontinence products. Also, industrial cleaning disposables. English and Japanese.
 Tyco International, Ltd -- Bermuda. Multi-national group of manufacturing and services providing companies, active in healthcare, flow control, security, telecommunications and electronics. Feminine hygiene, baby diapers, adult incontinence and medical disposables.
 Unicharm Corp -- Japan. Manufacturers of feminine hygiene and adult incontinence products. English and Japanese.
 Wedison Enterprise Co., Ltd -- Taiwan. Manufacturers of facial cotton, anti-bacterial disposable pants, wet tissue and tissue paper, sanitary napkin and paper towel products. Also, first aid supplies. Materials and product specifications. English and Chinese.

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