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 Essiac  Rooibos
 Yerba Mate

 Agaricus Net -- Agaricus blazei Murill, which is used in alternative cancer medicines.
 Allens Club -- Flaxseed oil and essiac herbs. Also offers related books.
 Aum Tea Company -- Herbal organic Jiaogulan tea. Includes herb information and benefits.
 Diversitea -- Unique herbal blend specifically for deep sea divers.
 East-West Natural Herbs -- Offering raw and medium roast green tea, includes product benefits.
 Essenheal -- Herbal teas. Green and blended green teas, single and blended herbal teas.
 Ethical Trade Goods -- Manufacturer of Longevity Tea and other specialty teas that include ho-hoi-si, an American Indian longevity herb.
 Green Tea Life -- Learn the difference between Sencha, Camellia Sinensis, Cha, Ocha and other green teas. Buy green tea online.
 Hemoven -- Natural relief of hemorrhoids with 100% natural sunflower tea. Relieves itching, burning, bleeding and inflamation. -- African herbal teas and herbal products.
 Herbal Home Remedies -- Read about herbal remedies, herb safety and tea recipes. Get a free herb newsletter and sample.
 Herbal Images -- Sales of blood type specific blended teas.
 Herbal Teas and Tonics -- Herbal teas and tonics are developed from traditional medicinal teas and combine herbs with synergistic and complimentary action. The teas are composed of raw herbs with minimal processing, and are provided loose in airtight jars to preserve volatile nutrients.
 Herbal Teas by Penelope Sach -- Information and ordering instructions.
 Herbal Teas From Naturex -- Therapeutic herbal teas based on mediterranean recipes.
 Herbal Teas Online -- Custom herbal tea mixtures formulated by an iridologist, wide variety of spices, herbal candles, smudge sticks, organic coffee and herbal baths. -- Herbal tinctures, formulas and sports formula. Wide range of products for general health to specialty teas and children/women's supplements.
 Il Hwa Ginseng Co -- Sales of Korean ginseng extract, capsules, teas, and tonics. -- Home of the famous irietea seen in the best coffee and tea brewers of Massachusetts.
 Jing Lin -- Chinese flower and fruit teas.
 Jurak Corporation World Wide Inc. -- A compound of 18 tonic herbs. For the rebalance of body systems.
 Kiwi Botanicals -- Herbal tonics for detoxification, weight loss, and general health imporvement.
 Kombucha America -- Sales of Kombucha mushrooms for teas.
 Kombucha Manna International -- Kombucha products, newsletter, online manual on how to make kombucha teas. -- Kombucha with mother tea and instructions, certified organic black and green teas suitable for culturing.
 Laurel Farms -- Writers of the book Kombucha Phenomenon. Online ordering of freshly harvested, registered and guaranteed Kombucha Tea.
 Lewtress Millenium -- Kombucha, a herbal health drink giving energy and vitality to both sportsmen and the ailing alike.
 Manna International -- Organic green tea liquid extract, includes active ingredients and benefits.
 Mate Revolution -- Yerba Mate and African red teas and blends, also offers accessories and newsletter.
 Milagro de la Selva -- Natural blend tea for the treatment of diabetes. Includes product certifications, preparation instructions, and pharmacology.
 Natural Health Remedies -- Organic tea blends for natural remedies, includes product search by specific ailment or complaint.
 Olive Leaf Tea -- Herbal tea from mature Manzanillo and Mission olive trees to enhance the immune system, includes active properties and preparation instructions.
 Pappy's Sassafras Tea -- Naturally brewed concentrate from sassafras root bark. Caffeine-free infusion with less than one calorie per serving.
 Pau d'Arco Tea -- Herbal tea that is derived from the inner bark of the Tabebuia Avellandae or Tabebuia Impetiginosa (Taheebo) tree grown in South America. For treatment of cancers, candida, viruses, and debilitating diseases (including arthritis).
 Peru Herbals -- Herbal teas and specialty blends from coca leaves, including Yerba Mate, mint, and chamomile.
 Port Trading Company -- Rooibos, chai, and African teas. Also offers gourmet coffees and skin care products.
 Prince Imports, Inc. -- Offers Pau d'Arco tea in bulk.
 Pu'u'ala of Hawaii -- Certified organic farm on the island of Hawaii offering Kava, Neem, and Noni teas.
 Pure Herb -- Organic blend from Malaysia used to ward off diabetes, high blood pressure, and gout.
 Sang-Jan-Bioproducts -- Natural bioproducts tea and tonic to treat diabetes, cancer, asthma, rheumatism, impotence, and arthritis.
 Sierra TTS -- Mate Coca tea and tea blends with Maca and Cat's Claw, also includes history of the product and benefits.
 Sir Jason Winters Site -- Herbal teas and supplements. Features specialty formulas and related books.
 Sport Tea -- A delicious, high performance beverage formulated for active people desiring a nutritious alternative to coffee, soda, alcohol, and sugary 'athletic' drinks.
 Sunex 8 -- Sells herbal supplements as tea bags and capsules. Popular items include the Dieter's tea, Ginseng Tea, Ginger and mushroom teas for cholesterol.
 Tea and Herb Essence -- Selection of herbal teas, aromatherapy candles, and herbal remedies.
 Tea Land -- Specializing in herbal tea, traditional tea, and medicinal tea.
 Teas N Herbs -- Provides a custom blending herbal tea program; teas to meet personal needs. Premium grade Green, Oolong and Herbal teas.
 Tessa's Organic Tea -- Organic teas and specialty blends including florals, Chais, and therapeutic, includes ingredient listing and suggested uses.
 The Art of Health, Inc. -- Providing Herbal teas and other therapies to nourish and support the body's self-healing mechanism.
 The Elixir Tea Chest -- Camellia Sinensis based teas. Whole-leaf and small garden varietals.
 Vitatype Herbal Extracts -- An all natural, organic herbal tonic geared to your blood type.
 Volcano Hawaii -- Organic blends grown exclusively in Hawaii.

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