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 Aromatherapy  Biofeedback
 Ear Candles  Energy Healing
 Fasting and Cleansing  Flower Essences
 Herbs  Homeopathy
 Hypnotherapy  Life Extension
 Magnetic Therapy  Meditation
 Oxygen and Ozone

 A Heavenly Body -- Aromatherapy, massage supplies, body cushiosn, and perfumes.
 Advanced Health and Sleep Systems -- Magnetic therapy products, Chinese herbs, extracts, teas and related health product resources.
 Aerobic Life Industries -- Natural and alternative products and services, including oxygen products, colon and aloe vera products and antioxidants.
 Allard's Bell Park Pharmacy -- Offers alternative therapies, natural medicine, beauty care, and nutritionals.
 Allied Products and Services -- Offering a wide range of alternative, holistic and biofeedback therapeutic products.
 Altered States -- Offers a variety of biofeedback equipment, colloidal silver generators, books and tapes, ionizers, and other healing tools.
 Alternative Healthy Stores -- A variety of products including magnetic insoles and mattress pads, nutritional supplements, back care products, and chronic fatigue programs, includes related articles and discussion groups.
 Alternative Medicine Unlimited -- Offers information and herbal products: including bulk herbs, herbal extracts, herbal combinations, hepatitis formulas, aromatherapy, and body purifying formula.
 Amasha Oils -- Essential oil blends and remedies, books, ear candles, and crystals.
 Apothecary Shoppe -- The product division of the Australasian College offering organic herbs, essential oils, flower essences, candles, books, and accessories.
 Applejacks International Centre for all Health Products -- International centre for health and pleasure products and solutions, general well being, sexual vitality, beauty and peace of mind.
 Aqua-Chi Machine -- Water energizing machine to help with pain management, detoxification, and general health problems. Includes expected benefits and testimonials.
 Aquarius Wholism -- Neutralizing the negative radiation of electromagnetic fields in home and office space. Includes product descriptions and usage instructions.
 Arizona Health Foods -- Alternative health and wellness products, vitamins, and natural supplements, listing catalog, library, and current specials.
 Arrowroot -- Homeopathics, herbs, skin care products, and nutraceuticals.
 Atlantis Herbs -- Specializing in cruelty free body care products. Single herbs, bulk herbs, aromatherapy, homeopathics, pet care and videos.
 Attached Mamas -- Natural health and herbal products for baby and mother. Also offers related books and vides, and gifts.
 Avalon Apothecary -- Renaissance Faire based business styled after an old-style apothecary or herbalist's shop; herbs, oils, tinctures, teas, incenses, personal care and bath items.
 AVEVA natural remedies -- Herbal products, homeopathy, teas and supplements, and body care items. Also offers classes and therapist referrals in the UK.
 Avmazon -- Supplements and vitamins, skin care products, and books.
 Awaken Nutrition -- Chelation and detoxification products.
 Awareness Institute -- Colonic irrigation products, ear candling, meditation and reiki supplies, and exercise equipment.
 Ayax -- Natural products from Peru, Maca, claw's cat and shark cartilage.
 Back Roads -- Natural products for - arthritis, rheumatism, back pain, weight loss, mental enhancements, sore muscles, joint pain, aches and pains, strains, tendon, prostate, cardiovascular function, acne, and PMS.
 Bamboo Delight Company -- Combining Chinese medicine with western philosophy to create books, videos, and audio programs for weight loss and personal health.
 Belle's Botanicals -- Essential and carrier oils, dried herbs, aromatherapy lamps and diffusers, massage tools, and related books.
 Bio Health Institute -- Offers the product Bio-Comb, which is used like a comb and claims to reduce high blood pressure.
 BioGro Products -- Natural health supplements and remedies, weight loss products, yoga tapes and music, body care, and organic teas and coffees.
 BioLithoEnergies -- Prof. Dr. Ghyssaert. Essences are made with precious and semi-precious stones, native metals and a few wild flowers and plants. A comprehensive, holistic and natural process, enables people to attain a perfect state of physical, mental and spiritual balance.
 Biosun -- Ear candles, relaxation and self-hypnosis CDs, aromatherapy, and skin care products.
 BodyWorX -- Supplements for anti-aging, body-building, weight loss, and general nutrition. Offers free samples.
 Boericke and Tafel -- Homeopathic remedies. Gels, creams, combination kits, single remedies and schuessler's cell (tissue) salts.
 Casa Rothschild -- Natural medicine and alternative therapy products including herbs and teas, nutritional supplements, and skin care.
 Celestine Moon -- Nutritional and herbal supplements, teas, body care products, specialty formulas, and aromatherapy.
 Chakra Health Center -- Aromatherapy, crystals, and meditation CDs. ALso offers related services and Reiki.
 Cherished Spirit -- Natural home health care. Specializes in ear candles. Offers discounts for herbs and remedies from other vendors. Villa Rica, Georgia.
 Christina's Body and Fitness -- Shop for health, fitness and nutritional products.
 Clayton Better Health Center -- Free health quiz. Vitamin and mineral nutritional supplements for ultimate disease prevention. Natural healing and alternative medicine for most health problems. Standard Process vitamins, Metagenics, and Nutriwest.
 Clinic of Professor Sukhanov -- Electrical massagers, phyto teas, supplements, and alternative health videos. Also offers a health clinic and related articles.
 Cosmic Vibes -- Based in Melbourne, Australia, offers supplements, natural skincare, essential oils, gifts, and relaxation tools. Also offers related books, and audio and video tapes.
 Delano Health Products Ltd -- Help to reduce noises caused by snoring and mineral tissue salts.
 Discount Natural Health Products -- Distributor of a variety of alternative health products featuring vitamins, herbs, homoeopathics, aromatherapy, natural beauty, and weight loss products.
 Diversified Services -- Pure Calcium EDTA chelation in powder form. Includes product formula and expected benefits. -- Manufactures alternative health products including essential oils, aromatherapy pillows, herbal medicines extracts and therapeutic bath products.
 Dr Ward Bond -- Health supplements using a combination of vitamins, minerals, and herbs for prostate, gallbladder, cystitis, and Hepatitis C health, also offers related books and articles.
 Dr. Hulda Clark Outreach and Research Foundation -- Parasite cleanse chart, information on alternative dental care, books, and information on a testing device known as the Syncrometer(TM).
 Dr. Myatt's Wellness Club -- Holistic health and alternative medicine information center. Includes a complete self-care guide to herbs, nutritional supplements and natural remedies.
 DragonFaire -- Oils, incense, and candles with a Medieval flair. Handcrafted gifts in native and exotic woods. On line catalog, photos, and contact information.
 Dragonfly Nutritionals -- Natural remedies and health information, with emphasis on womens health issues, homeopathic alternatives, and care for chronic diseases.
 Dreamstreet Too -- Sells of aromatherapy items, angel items, ancient symbol articles, including music and waterscapes.
 Dynamune Research -- Discounts on specialty health enhancing products. Helping the viral and immune challenged fight back.
 Ear Candles and Herbs -- Ear candles, herbs and spices, natural supplements, and essential oils, includes expected benefits.
 ECG Naturals -- Manufacturer of supplements, herbal formulas, and colloidal silver.
 ECG Trading Company -- Stabilized oxygen, colloidal silver, and other alternative health products, with product description, formulas, and benefits.
 Ecology Health Products -- Natural products for health and fitness. Pain relief, sports spray, vitamins, antioxidant and glucosamine are some of the products sold.
 Edens Secret -- Offers MSM and other internal cleansing and de-toxifying supplements, also a distributor for Cellfood products.
 Elixa Peak Being -- Supplier of holistic physical, mental, dental, and sleep health products, includes product descriptions and expected benefits.
 Energetic Nutrition -- Nutritional supplements which alter the body energy field, awaken past-life memories, and activate DNA. Also offers a protein diet powder, detox kit, teas, bath salts, and aromatherapy.
 Essential Elements -- Featuring a varied selection of alternative and natural health products including traditional Chinese medicines, aromatherapy based bath and body products, incense, essential oils, and candles. Also featuring the informative Guide to Healing.
 Far Infrared Ray Fiber -- Radiating bio ceramic textile products. Products, quilt set, socks, supporter, golf socks, ultra violet cap, and blankets. Korean.
 FeelGood Natural Health Stores -- Herbs and supplements, natural remedies, vitamins and minerals, homeopathy, body care products, and books. Features general health information and a newsletter.
 FibroFree -- Fibromyalgia recovery program, products, and treatment kits, includes fibromyalgia definitions, how the program works, and study information.
 G. Baldwin and Co. -- Natural and products from the United Kingdom including dried herbs, aromatherapy oils and candles, tinctures, supplements, ingredients for making cosmetics, and books.
 Garden of Life -- Secure online shopping at Crème de la Crème. Offers a line of nutritional products based on whole food nutrition.
 Genesis Health Marketing -- A variety of herbal medicines, nutritional supplements and mineral creams.
 Global Health Trax -- Offers a variety of alternative health products including weight loss supplements, noni juice, oxygen therapeutics, and immune boosters, includes a membership program and product details.
 Global Herbal Supplies -- Dried herbs and extracts, essential oils, ear candles, vitamins, and cell salts.
 Global Natural Health Association Inc. -- Vitamins, minerals, herbs and natural health food products.
 Green Springs -- An alternative health and lifestyle information center with links to environmental and holistic sites. Features health products, fertility, food products and lifestyle products.
 Greenlife Direct -- Natual health products and nutrition supplements by mail order worldwide. -- Molecular DNA frequency harmonization by a grounding device and immune booster by purging free radicals with medical license, patent information, testimonials, and benefits.
 Hawaiian Organics -- Sells Body Mint, a natural deodorant that is taken orally. Lists product information and FAQs. Ships in USA and Pacific Rim countries.
 Hazel's Health Care -- Provides high quality nutritional supplements, books for education, and homeopathic remedies. Promotes health awareness and prevention.
 Healing Arts Clinic -- Carries nutritional health aids, herbal remedies, aromatherapy, skin care products, massage oils and tools for dream therapy.
 Healing Edge Sciences -- Owned and operated by practitioners. Vitamin supplements, skin cream, and herbal formulas.
 Healing Goddess -- Candles, essential oils, incense, and meditation CDs.
 Healing Ways -- Herbal teas, holistic medicine, colloidal silver, refreshing spray, and books.
 Health is Wealth Maui -- Offering massage and reiki tables, air and water filters, spa equipment, and acupressure tools and accessories.
 Health Wise -- Vitamins, herbs, natural grocery products, cosmetics, hair products, weight loss and body building supplements.
 Health World -- DMSO, progesterone cream, apricot kernels, glucogen and trifield meter.
 HealthDirect Nutrition, Inc. -- Herbal and nutritional supplements including colon cleanse, anti-aging, skin care, and nutraceuticals.
 Heartland Products, Inc. -- Natural products for lice removal, arthritis pain, woman's health, and personal care. Includes information on non-toxic solutions for family well-being.
 Herb Arium -- Herbal and nutritional supplements, ear candles, incense, and natural gift items.
 Herbal Healer Academy -- Natural supplements, bulk herbs, organic foods, aromatherapy, books and videos, and homeopathic remedies. Also offers correspondence course for naturopathy and herbology. -- A web site specializing in selling homeopathic medicines online. Over 1300 single remedies are available online and a wealth of information is provided as well.
 Holistic Spirit -- Holistic resource/recovery network: offers herbals, books, 12 steps, tapes, chats, support, foods, spas, equipment, classes, and yoga. -- Natural health care products including supplements, homeopathic medicines, herbal formulas, and exercise equipment. Also offers related health information and a newsletter.
 Holographic Health Inc. -- A Complete line of Biokinetic Formulas, herbal remedies, folk remedies, food supplements, homeopathics, books and media and weight loss program. -- Alternative health products and techniques such as light therapy, energy healing and color therapy.
 Hummingbird Therapeutics -- Skin care treatments including balms, lotions, and first aid creams. Also offers sage smudge.
 Hydra H2O -- Structured water for complete cellular hydration, includes testimonials and pricing. -- Sales of products that treats common health related problems using alternative methods like needle free acupuncture devices and anti-snoring aids.
 Infra-Therapist -- Helps you relax your way to cardiovascular workouts, pain-relief, beautiful skin and weight management. A great sweating therapy and for musculoskeletal cases. A detailed look at this equipment and what it is all beneficial for.
 Inner Concepts: A Guide to Self Awareness -- Offers a program teaching one to gain control of their life thru meditation and focusing techniques. Also offers books and nutritional products.
 International Products Direct -- Vitamins, minerals, herbs and other supplements, with product descriptions and health guide.
 InterNatural -- Health and wellness products including herbs and vitamins, homeopathy, yoga and ayurveda, bath and beauty, and audio programs and books, with search by brand, category, or symptom, and featured items and specials.
 Ion and Light Company -- Air and water purifiers, full spectrum lighting, massagers, and ion toothbrush.
 Janet Bond -- Healing products and gifts, Chinese herbs, aromatherapy, massage tools, Zen fountains and Feng Shui products.
 JointFlex -- Provides relief from simple arthritis pain, backache, bursitis, tendonitis, and muscle strains and sprains.
 Just Magnotherapy UK -- Magnetic therapy and holistic health products, with product catalog and magnetics information.
 KGM Consumer Group, Inc. -- Offers an anti-inflammatory supplement, and all-natural lip balm.
 Kiai Jitsu -- Video instruction tapes for martial and healing arts including Chi Gong and movement, sound therapy, yoga, and aromatherapy. Also offers Tibetan incense.
 Kisses From Heaven, Inc. -- Learn massage techniques to use on your newborn. Your baby will be happier, healthier and you will have no apprehensions about giving a massage after reading Michelle Moe’s (Professional Massage Therapist) book Sprinkles of Love.
 Kiwi Connection -- Specializing in natural health products from New Zealand. Active UMF Manuka Honey for leg and stomach ulcers, also propolis, bee pollen and anti candida.
 Klamath Valley Botanicals -- Sales of blue green algae, herbal chew, Gunwoo ginseng products, and Mountain House freeze-dried foods. Order by mail, e-mail or fax.
 Laabs Alternative Healthcare -- Magnetic therapy, essential oils, homeopathic remedies, herbal formulas, natural beauty products, and related books.
 Lasvi Pins: Auricular Therapy, Acupuncture. -- Know about Lasvi Pins and forget about neck ache, backache and other common diseases.
 Life Essentials Florida -- Offers beauty products, essential oils and treatments.
 Life Force Inc. -- Body's base frequency is being altered by pathogen frequencies (bacteria, viruses, fungi).
 Lifesource One -- Earth and body friendly products including skin care, aromatherapy, candles, and meditation aids.
 Lifestyle Marketing -- Natural hangover cure relief, also works for intestinal cleansing and detoxification. Also offering meridian point stimulators.
 LivelyUp -- Learn how to promote health, vitality and longevity by actively reveling in your life. Offers holistic products, herbs, aromatherapy oils (including a high quality generic brand), New Age music, and facial products.
 Longevity Plus -- Supplements for increased health, energy and lifespan. Also offer books and tapes, and special formulas for pets.
 Lucas Life Forms -- Topical pain spray,wateroz ionic minerals,Rich's M.S.M products, stabilized oxygen, ozone purifier for air and water.
 Maggie’s Herb Basket -- Essential oils and aromatherapy products, bulk herbs, and herbal supplements. Also offers natural bodycare products.
 Main Street Natural Foods -- Offering nutritionals, herbs, weight loss, and natural body care products. Includes alternative health articles and reference room.
 Majik by Mother Nature -- Essential Oil blended Perfume,Unisex scents,Majical herbal tea baths, handmade hemp jewelry, aromatherapy products, massage oils and synergies. Natural health Alternatives information.
 Marine Sting and Radiation Burn Therapy -- Product for relief of skin burns from radiation treatment or jellyfish stings.
 Med Gen, Inc -- Alternative self health care products for arthritic relief, stop snoring, and magnetic therapies, with company overview, product descriptions, and press releases.
 Milt Holle's Bargain Barn -- Weight loss supplement, pain relief spray, and stop smoking kit. Includes expected benefits.
 Modern Manna -- A Christ centered health education ministry offering wholeness of body, mind and spirit through education in nutrition and the vegetarian lifestyle, healing by natural remedies and alternative medical therapies, offering classes in nutrition and vegetarian cooking, teaching cleansing and detoxification techniques, exposing the dangers of excitotoxins.
 Morganics Inc -- Offers nutritional care, personal care products, pet, garden and essential oils. Includes a newsletter, contact details and recommended reading.
 Mount Nebo Herbs and Oils -- Large selection of herbal and aromatherapy products, dietary supplements, homeopathy, flower remedies, massage and body tools.
 MpDirect -- Alternative natural supplements.
 Multi-Zap Zapper -- High frequency parasite zapper. Includes product description and benefits.
 N2 -- Offers herbal remedies, skin care, and nutritional supplements.
 Nahziryah Monastic Community -- Offering a selection of incense and essential oils, holistic living and magnetic therapy products, and meditation supplies.
 NatLink Inc. -- Offering natural supplements, beauty aids, oxygen water coolers and saunas, and raw materials.
 Natural Feeling -- Sales of Norso biomagnetic therapy products as well as vitamins, minerals, and herbs.
 Natural Health -- Offering natural beauty and health products.
 Natural Health Consultants -- A cross referenced database of information about health conditions and products known to be beneficial.
 Natural List -- Forest foragers for your natural and wild foods, crafts materials, herbal medicines and unusual things such as bee-studded beeswax candles and porcupine quills.
 Natural Selection -- Lotions, natural headlice treatments, crystal deodorants, essential oils, therapeutic music, and dental care products.
 Natural Solutions Radio -- Natural healing therapies including herbal, homeopathic, and magnetic products. Also offers alternative health information and articles.
 Natural Woman Ltd -- Information about a wide range of selected natural and alternative health products available internationally by mail order.
 Natural World Products -- Online retailer of alternative body products including henna, hair products, ayurvedic medicine, essential oils, and incense.
 Naturally Balanced Health -- Wholistic therapy, counseling, products for people and pets. Nutrition, weight loss, pain management, and poor health prevention. Colon Hygiene, Massage, kinesiology, classes and lectures.
 Naturally Direct -- Featuring synthetic free vitamins, natural herbs, homeopathic remedies, and all natural beauty products.
 Naturally Thinking -- All natural health and beauty products including aroma and magnetic therapies, herbs, and homeopathy, includes products and departments, promotions, and therapy definitions.
 NaturallyThinking -- Aromatherapy, homeopathy, flower remedies, tea, and body care products.
 Nature Craft -- An online band of shops bringing you bath, body, aromatherapy, true essential oils, cosmetic fragrance oils, bath goods, herbs and many other product lines and crafts made from natural sources.
 Nature Tyme -- Vitamins, supplements, herbs and health food. In-house pharmacist advises on health issues. Syracuse, NY.
 Nature Works -- Sunspirit aromatherapy from Australia, living nature natural skincare products and evening primrose oil.
 Nature's Alternatives -- Products such as herbal extracts, colloidal silver, energy plates, and water filtration items.
 Nature's Promise -- Herbs, homeopathics, skin and hair care, nutritional supplements, and biomagnetics.
 Natures Comfort -- Alternative health products including magnetic jewelry, herbal pillows, hand-held massagers, and natural nail care, also offers free home remedies.
 Natures Healing Massage Stones -- Information about hot and cold massage stones, their uses and ordering instructions.
 Neal's Yard Remedies -- Information about herbal medicines, homoeopathic remedies, essential oils, natural body care products and toiletries. Courses in Aromatherapy and Natural Medicines also offered. List of store locations in UK.
 Northern Seas Alternative Health Products -- Natural alternative health products for arthritic conditions, cancer, arthritis, skin problems and other health concerns. Including shark cartilage, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, saw palmetto, shark liver oil and sea shark cream. Also equine products for joint problems.
 Novadyn -- Natural wellness products to lose weight, aid digestion, and enhance the immune system, with company background and product details.
 Nu Science Corporation -- 'Cellfood Liquid Oxygen' and other fine oxygen based health, beauty, and environmental products.
 NuCara Pharmacy -- Essential oils and aromatherapy, homeopathics, dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals, and body care products.
 Nutrisana Naturals -- Therapeutic quality naturals supplements. Offered in large economical size, glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, antioxidants and kava kava.
 NutriSolutions -- Anti-oxidant products. Designed to offer an alternative prevention and treatment for various types of cancer.
 NutriTeam -- Sales of air purifiers, grapefruit seed extracts, nutritional supplements and magnetic therapy items.
 Nutrition 2000 -- Natural remedies and supplements including specialty formulas, green vitamins, tinctures, and teas. Also offers portable saunas and accessories.
 Nutrition Dynamics -- Offers healing herbs and vitamins. A source for digestive enzymes, arthritis treatment, medicinal herbs, antioxidants, natural health, Calcium supplements and alternative medicine.
 Nutrition Works -- Ultra max hgh - anti aging growth hormones releaser. Homeopathy, diet, and nutrition products.
 Nutrition World -- Vitamins and supplements, bulk herbs, macrobiotic foods, and natural skin care products.
 One Force -- New instrument affects Chi by a universal spiritual force and achieves more benefits than acupuncture without acupuncture needles.
 Online Venture -- Offers an eye massager and magnetic insole pads based on acupuncture techniques.
 Organic Excellence -- Organic chemical-free personal care products.
 Ozark Naturals -- A wholesaler and manufacturer of all natural handmade products. Low wholesale pricing on ear candles, aromatherapy candles and all natural vegetable based soaps.
 Pacific Holistics -- All natural alternative medicine or humans and pets. Featuring holistic pet shampoo and other organic and natural medicine for various illnesses.
 Pain Care Store -- Pain care solutions, preventative health care, pain relief and pain care management. -- Sale of homeopathic, herbal and natural remedies.
 Panier Sante -- Natural and herbal supplements, aromatherapy, homeopathy, and body care products. Also offers health information and advice.
 ParaZapper -- Parasite zapper as a cure for diseases, includes a do-it-yourself kit option.
 Peaceful Mind -- Alternative methods, therapies, and products for healing mind, body and spirit.
 Phoenic Hologram -- Special healing mandala to negate the adverse effects of electronic devices, and also offers a homeopathic medicine that directly stimulates the spleen and lymphatic system.
 Portal Market -- Life enhancing products from around the world that offers alternative methods of healing for the mnid body and spirit. Offering a complete line of oxygen therapy products.
 Prairie Nutrition -- Offers nutritional supplements, herbals, teas, and specialty formulas.
 Prayaga Industries -- Herbal and ayurvedic supplements, proteomics and bioinformatics, natural flavors and enhancers, and beauty products.
 Premiere Enterprises -- Natural remedies for allergy and pain relief. Also offers herbal home cleaning products.
 Preventics -- Pharmaceutical grade of holistic, and alternative medicine products have been specially formulated for leading physicians in nutritional and alternative health care.
 Progressive Doctors -- Alternative medicine including herbal remedies, biofeedback machines, water purification, and weight loss supplements. Features product benefits and customer service.
 Promo Life -- Health care products and self healing products available online.
 Pyradyne -- Energy enhancing and rejuvenating products including personal pyramids, air filters and ionizers, nutritional supplements, and books and tapes.
 Quality Health Foods -- Natural health products including supplements, colloidals, chi machine, and body care items.
 Rayma Health Bracelet -- Bioelectric energy, works better than magnets.
 Raymaster -- Electro-magnetic frequecy device filtering out hamful radiation waves. Includes product assessments and benefits.
 Relax Etc. -- Offering a variety of products for relaxation and stress relief.
 Remedies -- Herbal and nutritional supplements, personal care products, and alternative health aids. Also offers videos.
 Revital -- Offering a variety of alternative remedies and nutritional supplements including herbs, green foods, homeopathy, ear candles, and vitamins. Features product information and special offers.
 Revive Health Products -- Vitamins and minerals, skin care products, and supplements for sexual energy, anti-aging, general health, and weight loss.
 RisingSun Health Alternatives -- Topical treatments and salves, nutritional supplements, neutraceuticals, and weight loss products.
 Roaring Lion Publishing -- Books, videos, tapes, and CDs regarding alternative health and longevity issues. Also offers related seminars and workshops.
 Sapco -- Specializing in mineral and vitamin supplements, beauty and skin care products, and exercise equipment.
 Sarrá Natural Products -- Nutraceuticals for men and women to increase potency, energy, and mental clarity.
 Scarlet's Wellness Series -- Specializing in natural medicines by PhytoPharmica.
 Serenity Source -- All natural stress relief products including homeopathic remedies, aromatherapy, medicinal herbs, yoga supplies.
 Shiatsu Aid Massage Board -- Dr. Takahashi's Shiatsu-Aid Massage Board helps relieve tension, stress and general fatigue.
 Shop-PhytoPharmica -- Offering PhytoPharmica and Tyler products.
 Skin-E-Dip -- No lanolin, cortisone, or tar. Registered medicine is inexpensive and highly recommended by many customers for eczema, dry-skin, and psoriasis.
 Solanova -- Herbal, nutritional, and specialty formula supplements. Also offers skin care products.
 SOTA Instruments Inc. -- Specializing in cutting-edge alternative products for bio-electric protocols: zappers, magnetic pulsers, ionic colloidal silver generators, bio-tuners, water ozonators, bio-stimulators, ozone generators.
 Sound Vistas -- Essential oils, meditation CDs, and alternative healing books.
 Source of Health -- Offers Dr Hulda Clark approved items. Colloidal mineral and liquid vitamins and proteins are just a few of the supplements offered.
 Spectra Med Pyramids -- Pyramids and pendulums to accelerate healing, relieve stress, achieve deeper meditations, and develop self-healing abilities, with product catalog and usage instructions.
 Spice Discounters -- Offers bulk herbs and spices, teas, empty capsules, potpourri, candles, essential oils, vitamins, minerals, and related supplies.
 Spirit Glow -- Hundreds of harmony and sensory enhancing products to soothe and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit including candles, oils, incense, bath anbd body products, fountains, and wind chimes.
 Sprayology -- A beauty line that provides what traditional cosmetics cannot cannot- better health along with better looks. Vitamins and homeopathy in oral sprays.
 Springboard4health -- Alternative health products, hGH, Progesterone cream, and nutritional information guide.
 Star Health and Beauty -- Manufacturers of natural health, hair care, and skin care products including NuGEN, NuGENHP, Pro-E, Pro-C, Anti-Cellulite. Products are made with the highest purity of pharmaceutical grade substances along with all natural ingredients.
 Starfire Healing -- Vibrational essences and herbal formulas that have been co-created with devas, faeries, and light beings.
 Steam Embrace -- Supplier of steam cabinets, spas and saunas, ozone generators, massage tables, and other related equipment and accessories.
 Stress Dynamics -- Aromatherapy, essential oils, diffusers, relaxation and stress reduction products, candles, books, stress management seminars, bath salts, fragrance oils, candles, tapes and CDs.
 SuperSupplements -- Products made with EnergyWater, such as a cup that detoxifies beverages and a refrigerator egg to retard food spoilage.
 The Daily Wellness Company -- Sells ArginMax a sexual wellness supplement, Elix a herbal and vitamin supplement and Fertility Blend for fertility wellness.
 The Healing Company -- Resource for health advice, sales of high-tech wellness products and alternative medicine.
 The Health Center -- Sales of alternative health products.
 The Healthy Site -- Health and wellness for you and your family including alternative health specializing in chiropractic, magnetic therapy, holistic, fitness, nutrition and vitamins.
 The Herbal Garden Store -- Natural and herbal supplements, aromatherapies, and personal care products. Also offers alternative health counseling.
 The House of Mistry -- Vitamins and supplements, bodycare products, ayurvedics, and teas.
 The Lafontaine Clinic -- The Clinic offers a unique line of specialized products (essential oils and encapsulated plants).
 The Light Therapy Center -- Light therapy devices and equipment for use in treating migraines, seasonal affective disorder, pre-menstrual syndrome, and pain management. Includes expected benefits for various conditions.
 The Medicine Garden -- Offering homeopathy, herbs, flower and gem essences, medical astrology, pets and library of health.
 The Mineral Connection -- Alternative health supplies, vitamins and minerals, books and aromatherapy.
 The Natural Home and Travel Guide -- Information and products, natural home and garden, animal rights, natural food stores and health.
 The Reiki Video -- Reiki and reflexology videos to teach self-healing techniques. Includes reviews and related products.
 The Way Up to Fitness -- Holistic physician Priscilla Slagle provides natural remedies for optimum mental and physical fitness, including health products and books.
 Think Natural -- Store and information resources covering vitamins, herbal and homeopathic remedies plus aromatherapy and natural bodycare.
 Thorn Home Products -- An alternative remedy for cancer and blood disorders through herbs, minerals, and vitamins.
 Thstone -- Source for hot stone massage, massage therapy, stone therapy, and massage workshop products.
 Timeless Endeavors -- Nutrition supplements and other preparations for treating rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, psoriatic diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other conditions.
 TNS Pain Therapy -- Personal pain relief device delivering electronic frequencies directly to painful areas, includes clinical trials and testimonials.
 Tools for Energy -- Natural health products by mail order. Featuring unique tools for the mind, body and spirit.
 Total Health Associates -- Natural health and alternative healing products to help you to obtain and maintain your total health.
 Touch Stone Gems -- therapeutic gemstones, custom designed lapidary art creations, bach flower remedies, and herbal formulas.
 Transformation 2012 -- Natual health products including skin care, supplements, colloidal machines, and herbals. Also offers books on New Age, conspiracy, and other alternative topics.
 Tristar Online Sales Corporation -- Enzymes, homeopathic dental care, energy supplements, and botanicals.
 UK Health Store -- Specializing in selling quality health supplements, fine foods and body care. Based on the Isle of Man.
 UMF Active Manuka Honey -- Stomach ulcer relief, eczema, psoriasis cleared because of the antibacterial property in UMF Active Manuka Honey.
 Unique Enterprises -- Skin health care center, natural pain relief center, and magnetic therapy center.
 Unwind Online -- Relaxation and stress relief products including meditation music, personal massagers, and aromatherapy. Also offers relaxation tips, and an online community.
 Valuevita -- Herbals, magnetic therapy, water purifiers, nutritional supplements, and cancer support products. Also offers rife machines.
 Vapir Digital Herbal Vaporizer -- Herbal vaporizer offering an alternative to smoking, by heating herbs creating a vapor as opposed to burning.
 Veriuni -- Activated oxygen products and nutritional supplements, with catalog and benefits.
 VesPro Life Sciences, LLC -- Herbal and nutritional supplements, growth hormone, topical treatments, and related alternative health products.
 Vibrational Remedy Program by Dr. Marcy Foley Davidsson -- Information and products about frequency healing and energy balancing through the use of flower essences, gem elixirs and homeopathic remedies.
 Vital Formulations -- Herbal and nutritional supplements and extracts. Also offers, related news, drug alerts, and recipes.
 Vitality Doctor -- Dedicated to offering nutrition education, health coaching and high quality vitamins to support energy, vitality and longevity.
 Vitality Fair Inc. -- Herbal remedies, specialty formulas, and natural supplements. Also offers health tips, articles, and recipes.
 Wave of Energy, Inc. -- Nutritional supplements, skin care products, massagers, and ozone air cleaners.
 Web-Outpatients -- Homeopathic, musical therapy, herbals, and air purification products, also offering referral service to related practitioners.
 Welcome to My Home -- An introduction to LaStone therapy, with photographs of candles and stones offered for sale.
 Wellness Health and Pharmacy -- Alternative medicines and resources, combined with a professional compounding lab and a full staff of certified pharmacists.
 Wellness Tools -- Biofeedback, mental health, and performance enhancing equipment and devices, including light and sound machines, air and water ionizers, and subliminal tapes and programs.
 Wellness Works -- Distributor of a variety of supplements, herbs, and wellness formulas, with features products and bookstore.
 Wellspring Media -- Merchandise and services that help you live a more balanced life.
 Wellspring Products, LLC -- Ionic foot care and body spa products to remove toxins.
 Witch Scents -- Uniting the elements of the earth, air, fire, water, spirit with essential oils, gemstones, herbs, dead sea salts, and nutrition products.
 World Wide Shopping Mall -- Health and fitness shop for vitamins and minerals, oils, ginseng and herb supplement products and information.
 Y2K Health and Detox Center -- Sales of and information on a variety of alternative health treatments and nutritional supplements.
 Zenith -- Produces health and fitness products that are designed to assist you in living the life you want to lead. Body Enhancer and BeeV balm.
 Zenses, Inc -- Providing herbal tea, bath and body, natural home remedies, and relaxation products.

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