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 Tapes and Audio Programs

 Adonis Blue -- Meditation and yoga supplies including zafus and zabutons, pillows, and aromatherapy
 Alpha Cushions -- Handmade meditation cushions, mats, and stools. Also offers yoga mats and posture stools.
 Amida -- Meditation products for a variety of spiritual traditions including crystals, cushions, books, and clothing.
 Atlantean One Meditation Helmet -- Copper and crystal helmet for enhancing meditation.
 Balance and Power -- Moving meditation program on tape and mandala paintings, also offers information on meditation seminars and events.
 Bliss of Meditation -- Online course teaching the dynamics of meditation over twelve weeks, includes basic lesson and FAQs.
 Blue Pearl Enterprises, Inc. -- Products to enhance the meditation practice including cushions, aromatherapy candles, wind chimes, and water fountains.
 BTS International Meditation Institute -- Offers a book which teaches basic meditation, includes excerpts and ordering instructions.
 Chorney Creations -- Handmade polymer labyrinth and a quartz crystal programmed for healing, in a handmade fabric drawstring pouch. Included is information on the history and use of labyrinths in meditation and healing.
 Closet Mystics -- Audio programs and books for guided imagery, relaxation, and other meditation tools, also offer a newsletter and information regarding group meetings in Canada.
 Dance of Life -- Meditation bench hand sculpted from domestic hardwoods. Includes wood choice options and photo sample.
 Dancing Dolphin Press -- Meditation videos filmed in Africa, Maui, and Tibet, and dolphin meditation audio cassettes.
 Finger Labyrinths -- Handmade ceramic finger labyrinths.
 Happy Buddhist -- Gongyo meditations, recordings, and products, also offers bulletin board and discussion group.
 Harmony In Design -- Ergonomic meditation and yoga products, includes catalog and testimonials.
 Jon Shore -- Books, tapes, and CDs for meditation, relaxation, and stress reduction.
 Labyrinth Products from Relax 4 Life -- Labyrinth items including finger labyrinths, jewelry, decorations, gifts, books, tapes, and other meditation and relaxation products.
 Luminous Woods -- Hand crafted, wooden kneeling meditation benches, Zen sand gardens, magnetic trinket boxes.
 Mala Quest -- Prayer beads used as a meditation tool to connect ourselves to our true nature, includes available designs or a design-your-own option.
 Mantra Manager for Meditation -- Offers software which will assist in obtaining a mantra used in meditation, based on the individuality of each person.
 Meditation Stools -- Handmade stools with choices of five designs and seven different woods, with design samples and folding options.
 Meditation Web -- Guided meditation and music tapes, aromatherapy, and related products, also offers a bulletin board and discussion group to learn how to meditate.
 Meditative Art by Robert Lewis -- Offers an original art print which can be used as a focus point for meditation and centering, includes artist definition of various visual items.
 Pema Design Studio -- Meditation and yoga support products including pillows, traditional mats, and wooden seats.
 Serenity Health -- Relaxation products including water fountains, bean bag chairs, nature alarm clocks, and Zen gardens.
 Serenity Seating -- A complete line of meditation cushions made from ergonomic buckwheat hull, also offers general meditation information.
 Stillpoint Creations -- Handmade silk and wool meditation and yoga blankets.
 The Biosound Method -- Meditation program that helps release tensions, dissolve stress, and improves physical, mental, and emotional health, includes program description and expected benefits.
 The Great Pyramid Company -- Pyramid and crystal products created to enhance meditation and deflect negative energy, includes samples and pricing.
 The Tranquilities Series -- Guided imagery programs blending nature sounds and music with aromatherapy to reduce stress, promote healing, and increase overall health.
 Third Eye -- A unique band wrapped around the forehead used to speed up brain processes and facilitate meditation, includes usage instructions.
 Tones for Health -- Combines sound and color meditations into a software package which can be used for personal and global meditation therapy and healing, includes program features and expected benefits.
 Vaaak Sounds -- Guided meditation CDs and videos, prayer beads, incense, and related meditation and personal transformation products.
 Vantage Quest -- Uses harmonic tones to achieve deep altered states of consciousness for creativity, relaxation, meditation, health, and personal transformation.
 Yantras by Sally Rose Dolak -- Hand embroidered Yantras which are tantric symbols used for meditation and increased awareness.
 Zen Clock Meditation Timer -- Wooden meditation and reiki timers shaped as pyramids.

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