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 Tapes and CDs

 Adventures Into Time -- Articles on regression and hypnotherapy. Workshops, sessions, books and tapes offered.
 Affirmation Software (Sculptor) -- Affirmation goal setting motivational software, for improved mental and physical health, personal growth, healing and self-improvement. Utilizes affirmations, subliminal messages subconscious imagery.
 Aurelis -- Personal consultations, cds, and motivational emails for relaxation and behavior modification.
 Cleaning Out The Closet -- CD's, workbooks, journals, and starter packs to let go of old beliefs in the subconscious mind.
 Creative Changes Ltd -- Self-help and hypnotherapy tapes, books, and courses available for on line purchase.
 Do-It-Yourself Subliminal Pictography -- Subliminals and Subliminal Pictography provide there own subliminal delivery technology.
 eyeQ Brain Enhancement Technology -- Process information faster. Includes, product and company information, customer service and purchase instructions.
 Fone Hypnosis -- Hypnotherapy program which combines hypnosis sessions over the phone and audio-video subliminal tapes, includes program details and free consultation.
 Goldenhead Hypnosis -- MP3 files for various hypnosis programs.
 Happiness Through Hypnosis -- Free samples of tools to explore the subconscious mind and set positive changes in motion. Links and information about past life regressions, hypnosis, chakras, Reiki, and Vipassana. Self-hypnosis CDs and audiotapes available. -- Sales of books, tapes and phone counseling.
 HypnoDyne Foundation -- Hypnotherapy instruction organization. Provides courses on tapes, videos, and in books.
 Hypnosis Now -- Audio hypnosis sessions and subliminal recordings which can be downloaded and used right away. Includes several free downloads.
 Hypnosistoday: Books, tapes, courses, CEU's ... -- Hypnotherapy education, Reiki training, hypnosis books, self-hypnosis audio cassettes, hypnotists referrals, and networking information.
 HypnoSoft -- Talking computer hypnosis programs customized for individual self-help topics.
 InnerGear -- Subliminal programming for personal change has taken a new leap. InnerGearTechnologies creates unique titles with a wide range of applications for self-help and self-improvement. Offers subliminal tapes.
 Insight Alternative Methods -- Self hypnosis tapes. Alternative medical information and links. Products to enhance relaxation and well-being.
 Machine Enhanced Psycho Technology -- Offering various forms of mind machines, including CES and light and sound machines.
 Mega Motivator Gold -- Software which flashes subliminal messages for self improvement and development, includes free trial.
 MetaFactor -- Audio hypnosis software to intensify sensitivity towards the unconscious state of being. Features practical applications and research.
 Online Self Hypnosis Sessions -- Hypnotize yourself right in your home or office, online hypnosis.
 Past Life Regression Software -- Download self-hypnosis past life regression software to help with addictions, phobias, and other disorders.
 Pendulum Warehouse -- Offers pendulums for self-hypnosis and stress management. Also offers an instructional cassette.
 Result Center International -- Online hypnosis programs to stop smoking, includes program details and free trial.
 Sacred Mind -- Hypnosis software for mind re-programming and self improvement. Includes product overview, audio sample, operating instructions, and industry news.
 Self-help Subliminals -- Trial software for 30 days, Subliminal messages software. Try it out for yourself for self improvement and development. Hundreds of positive affirmations included.
 Subliminal Message -- Step-by-step instruction manual showing you how to make your own custom subliminal message CDs from your own computer.
 Subliminal Recording System -- Make subliminal CDs and MP3s with message recording software.
 Subliminal Self-Development -- Download subliminal message programs for success and life enhancement.
 The King of Tapes -- Offers a large selection of subliminal audio tapes to improve sports performance, self image, lose weight or to stop smoking. Includes a newsletter as well as ordering instructions.
 ThoughtWave -- A self-help system that combines affirmation cards with an audio tape that puts the brain into a hyper-suggestible state.
 Uncommon Knowledge -- Free information, newsletter and discussion group on problem solving, performance enhancement and psychology in straightforward, down-to-earth language. Products to help you help yourself.
 Weleda Inc. -- Specializing in the production of homeopathic medicines and natural body care products.
 Westlake Hypnosis -- Online hypnosis programs and CDs for behavior modification, stress relief, and sleep assistance, with program explanations and interactive support.
 White Cliff Computing, Ltd -- Subliminal messaging software to improve life while working at the computer.

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