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 2 Imagine -- Hypnosis CDs utilizing neuro-linguistic programming and synchronistic brain research. Offers weight loss, stop smoking, and relaxation titles.
 Active Hypnosis -- Personalized cds to quit smoking and to lose weight. Includes articles, anecdotal information, and related links.
 Affairs Of The Mind -- Reaching your full potential through hypnosis and the healing of mind, body and emotions for relaxation, concentration, and imagination. A life changing positive, unique, customized approach, for self-improvement through the use of positive hypnotic CDs and tapes.
 Alphasonics International -- Personal-growth audio cassettes with subliminal messages to help you stop smoking, lose weight, manage stress, or improve your love life.
 Amazing Changes Hypnotherapy -- Self-hypnosis tapes for hypnosis in childbirth, weight loss, quitting smoking, and stress reduction,
 Apositude -- Hypnosis and subliminal messaging audio tapes. Features available titles and samples.
 Aspect Enterprises Pure Relaxation -- Tapes for sale. Musical Hypnosis, using a process called Psychoacoustical Bio-Dynamics, provides a quick and safe way to manage stress, meditate, or promote your body's natural healing ability. You'll find links to relevant articles, and free information on hypnosis and stress management.
 At State of Mind Counseling -- Hypnosis programs for relaxation and weight loss, also offers a free trial download.
 Audio Tapes for Healing -- Guided imagery tapes and CDs. Relaxation and healing from illness, anxiety, pain, or surgery, and for meditation.
 Audio Therapy with Malcom Price -- Personalised suggestive therapy audio tapes to help you lose weight or quit smoking. Must make a phone call to UK.
 Ayre Hypnotherapy -- Combining Zen philosophy, hypnotherapy, and meditation for personal development. Also offers in-person hypnotherapy in Wales.
 Biofeedback Center of NJ -- Self hypnosis programs for success, health, emotional balance, and special interest titles. Self Hypnosis Life Improving Courses -- The site gives background, personal and contact information. We supply short text and tape courses to teach people how to improve their lives.
 Cassette Tapes For Personal Growth -- Hypnosis cassette tapes and articles about how hypnosis can help you improve yourself. Thomas D. Yarnell, Ph.D.
 Cassette Tapes For Self Improvement -- Hypnosis, visualization and affirmation cassette tapes for self improvement and personal growth for children, adolescents and adults by clinical psychologist and hypnosis specialist. Help yourself, your family, your friends.
 Center for Pre-Cognitive Re-Education -- Fifteen cassette series to clear energy blocks and dissolve self-defeating beliefs through self-hypnosis and positive affirmations, includes program details, newsletter, and testimonials.
 Clear Ground -- Hypnotherapy and meditation programs.
 Daniel Olson -- Cds and cassettes by hpnotist, author, trainer, and consultant on hypnosis and subliminal messages.
 Diviniti Publishing -- A selection of high quaity hypnosis and self improvement tapes by a leading professional clinical hypnotherapist.
 Dr. Kenneth Grossman -- CD training program that helps golfers to play relaxed and confident.
 Dr. Larry -- A practicing family physician and hypnotist who has helped people lose weight, quit smoking or achieve other healthy goals through medical hypnosis sells hypnosis MP3s and tapes.
 Dr. Lynn Horton -- Audio tapes to change negative behaviors and life patterns such as overeating, smoking, and depression.
 Dream Lab -- Programs to help reduce stress, quit smoking, or to help boost children's self esteem.
 Empowerment Hypnosis, LLC -- Hypnosis and hypnotherapy for stress reduction, self confidence, weight loss, test anxiety, and mind body spirit. Consultations, resources and custom hypnosis tapes available.
 Eve Gordon, M.S. -- Download audio and video programs for weight loss, substance abuse, stress relief, and sex enhancement.
 Global-Hypnosis -- Incorporating many self-improvement techniques including self-hypnosis, sleep-learning, subliminal affirmations, and brain synchronization. Includes available titles and free download samples.
 Growth Enrichment Center -- Tape set will teach you to unleash your mind. Using a powerful technique you will be able to achieve your goals and desires with self hypnosis.
 HappyKidz -- Audio package contains pleasant messages that will boost children's self-esteem.
 Head-Cleaners Hypnosis -- Information about tapes for enhanced self-control of emotional, cognitive and/or physiological functioning, woven and spoken by a clinical psychologist with two decades experience using hypnosis with adults and children.
 Healing Words Press -- Methods for alleviating pain, negative emotions, and addictions.
 Healthy Hypnosis -- Stop smoking, lose weight, improve athletic skill. Smokers, overweight people, and athletes see fast results.
 Helping Hands Hypnosis -- Tapes, CDs, and downloadable audio files for behavior altering experiences. Also offers a newsletter.
 Hiereus Studios -- The home of HypnoSync, the most cost effective program of self-hypnosis. Hypnosis information and programs for controlling your life through self-hypnosis. For stress and relaxation.
 HypBirth -- A natural childbirth hypnosis program that works to ease pain and discomfort. Incluides samples and testimonials.
 Hypno Tools -- Designed to teach positive change through the power of hypnosis with FAQs about hypnosis, articles, and hypnotherapy CDs.
 Hypno-Trans -- Personalized hypnosis CDs.
 Hypnosis -- Improve your life. Stop smoking, lose weight, relieve stress, build confidence and self esteem, cure fears of public speaking, increase memory, and learning skills.
 Hypnosis and Meditation -- Guided imagery tapes and CDs for inner guidance and health.
 Hypnosis by Daylan -- Positive suggestions to lose weight, stop smoking, and sleep better.
 Hypnosis for Health -- Personalized self-hypnosis tapes custom-made to order and information for the skeptic about Hypnotherapy for Weight Issues, Smoking, Stress, Pain, Habits, IBS, and Mind/Body Therapy.
 Hypnosis For Your Life -- Self-hypnosis CDs for behavior modification and relaxation, includes general information about hypnosis and the subconscious mind.
 Hypnosis Helps -- Self-hypnosis programs to help lose weight, stop smoking, and improve performance.
 Hypnosis MD -- Premade and Custom made recordings to treat any medical condition. Special 4 Step System (clearing, hypnotic, subliminal, sleep learning) available for maximum results.
 Hypnosis Tapes -- Do-it-yourself self improvement hypnotherapy tapes. Includes scripts, downloads, and the history of hypnosis.
 Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis -- Lose weight, stop smoking, change life patterns with hypnosis. Custom tapes for your challenges.
 Hypnosis: Discover The Healing Power Of The Mind - Self Help -- Hypnotic and meditative self-help tapes and CDs from Dr. Louis P. Bauer designed to help people stop smoking, lose weight, and bring peace to their lives. Site includes audio samples of each tape.
 Hypnotapes -- Leading supplier of audio tapes and hypnotherapy. Order audio tapes online. Need help with smoking, stress, afraid of flying - we can help you.
 Hypnotherapy by Miss Cheryl -- Self-help tapes to sleep better, relax deeper, and give incentives to stop smoking or lose weight. Also offers e-books.
 Hypnotherapy of Tom Silver Hypnotherapist -- Private practice hypnotherapist and creator of Cybersuggestion Self Help Programs and The How To Book of Hypnotism. Television and Radio Shows Celebrity Stage Hypnotist.
 Hypnotherapy Tapes -- Empowerment hypnosis. Hypnotherapy tapes for hypnosis, self improvement, stress reduction, self empowerment, relaxation, insomnia, hypnosis education, self confidence, and memory enhancement.
 Hypnotic Gastric Bypass -- Personalized audio hypnosis tapes for weight loss.
 Hypnotic Tapes -- Custom-made hypnotic, subliminal and sleep learning CDs. Using personalized suggestions and music. A system that combines the power of hypnosis, subliminal influence and sleep learning.
 Hypnovision -- Self hypnosis and subliminal tapes for mind expansion, personal growth, self improvement, behavior reprogramming, and success, with title catalog, testimonials, and special offers.
 Hypnovision, Inc -- Self improvement programs through hypnosis. Includes relaxation, sensuality, and golf topics.
 Hypnoworks -- Hypnosis and hypnotherapy programs on tape and CD to aid in weight loss, quitting smoking, relaxation, and better sex.
 IBS Audio Program 100 -- Offering a hypnotherapy process clinically designed for sufferers of all variations of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
 Imagine Hypnosis -- Hypnosis for a more active lifestyle. Smoking cessation, Offering coaching, seminars, and tapes.
 Impact Publishing, Inc. -- Exclusive licensee of the Potentials Unlimited series of subliminal messaging tapes, with available titles, usage instructions, and testimonials.
 Individualized Hypnosis Tapes -- Series of tapes for sexual dysfunctions, hypnobirthing, smoking cessation, and chronic pain. As well as tapes on how to hypnotize and past life regression.
 Inner Reflexion -- Using the power of the subconscious mind for improved health, habit changing, and relaxation.
 InnerGear -- Subliminal programming for personal change has taken a new leap. InnerGearTechnologies creates unique titles with a wide range of applications for self-help and self-improvement.
 InnerTalk -- Subliminal self-help programs on CD. Includes free samples.
 Introspect 2000 -- Self hypnosis audio tapes to help stop smoking, lose weight, and relieve stress easily.
 Karin Leonard and Associates -- Deeply relaxing audiotapes effortlessly effect rapid change and create success in any area of your life. Your unconscious mind receives powerful suggestions, while you luxuriate and rest. Individually customized tapes available.
 Laura's Hypnosis Tapes -- Hypnosis programs for childbirth, breast feeding, dream incubation and dream interpretation, and general well-being.
 Lifeline Audio -- Self hypnosis audio tapes for physical and mental health care, includes available titles and benefits.
 Lose Weight Now -- Weight loss with hypnosis program. Cassette tape includes two complete hypnosis sessions.
 Loxias Audio Publishing -- Self hypnosis and self improvement audio products.
 Lyndall Briggs & Gary Green -- Relaxation kits contain effective techniques for mastering emotions, behaviours, relationships, and finances.
 Marjie Thorne -- Certified hypnotherapist offering tapes and CDs, specializing in weight loss.
 Master Your Mind -- Mary Richards tapes and CDs use elements of deep relaxation, hypnotherapy, guided imagery, visualization, soothing music and ocean sounds to assist you in creating positive life changes.
 Maxi Mind -- Self-hypnosis and subliminal message audio products for a variety of self-help programs, includes available titles and custom options.
 Mental Magic Hypnosis Tapes -- Stop smoking, lose weight, stress reduction, achieve goals, improving self-esteem, sleep improvement, insomnia, improve learning, improve memory and concentration, improve health, exercise motivation, anger management, or reduce anger.
 Mind Creations-Empowerment For Mind and Body -- Specializes in self help tapes plus information and resources on guided imagery, hypnotherapy, bio feedback and magnet therapy.
 Mind Quest Studios -- Hypnosis products, including videos and hypnotic CD's for self improvement.
 Mindynamics -- Using guided imagery and creative visualization for self improvement, with available titles and benefits.
 Neurosync Subliminal Messages Software -- Subliminal messages and self hypnosis software motivates you to diet, stop smoking, or make any behavior modification while you work on your computer in other programs.
 New Beginnings Hypnosis -- Audio tapes and CDs for a variety of self improvement topics.
 New Way Child Birth -- Hypnosis programs for expectant mothers to ease natural childbirth, and to bond with the baby during pregnancy, includes program details, benefits, and testimonials.
 Next Generation -- Subliminal messages for life transformation.
 Night Spells -- Self-hypnosis CDs and cassettes ranging from weight loss to smoking cessation to exercise topics, includes title catalog and meditation music.
 Norman Health Systems -- Self hypnosis CDs for weight loss, stop smoking, and stress modification. Also offers light and sound therapies.
 Oxford Hypnotherapy -- Offers tapes and CDs for self help and personal development.
 PowerTapes -- Information about these tools that help to lose weight, feel great and end depression and stress.
 Prime Fitness -- Combines hypnotherapy, subliminal therapy, and nature sounds to stimulate the brain to reprocess pain signals.
 Psychodynamics -- Self improvement cassettes using subliminal messaging, with available titles and how it works.
 Relaxation Therapist -- Relaxation techniques. Erotic music for relaxation, love, pleasure. Series of tapes to eliminate depression and stress to improve sex life.
 Scovic, Ltd -- Cassette programs for achieving wealth, self confidence, and success.
 Self Help Gear -- Subliminal tapes and CDs.
 Self-Help Solutions -- Dr. Yarnell produced this tape to help adolescents through adults to concentrate, learn easier, remember better and take tests with ease.
 Self-Hypnosis Programs -- Created by licensed and certified behavior modification therapists, to enhance the mind-body connection.
 Self-Improvement Through Self-Hypnosis -- Mind programming using self-hypnosis to, stop smoking, lose weight, improve relationships, banish fears, and improve memory.
 SMART - Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques -- Hypnotic and subliminal-message tapes by Dr. Jayne Helle on many facets of weight loss, smoking and addiction cessation, and stress management.
 SoulWorks Hypnotherapy Training School -- Guided hypnotherapy sessions on CD.
 Starlight Subliminals -- Offers customized subliminal assisting in career, relationships, sexuality, health, meditation and personal development.
 Stop Smoking -- Listening to this tape and eliminating the smoking habit is one of the single most important things you can do to improve the quality and quantity of your life.
 Subconscious Solutions -- Detailed look at the products and services, hypnosis, the therapist, workshops, articles and contact details. Offers a demonstration online.
 Subliminal Messages -- A collection of over 30 subliminal messaging tapes which cover all aspects of increasing human potential, also offers a create-your-own program.
 Subliminal Tapes -- Increase memory, sex power, break habits, stop addictions, self esteem, overcome fears, overcome fear of intimacy. Personalized tapes also available.
 Subliminal Tapes -- The finest in subliminal tapes with titles like Release psychic powers, permanent weight loss, Attract the opposite Sex, many others.
 SubliminalTech -- Subliminal messages and tapes for self improvement.
 Success World -- Self-hypnosis programs to improve health, raise self esteem, and bring success, with general hypnosis information, program details, and testimonials.
 SuperStar Audio Tapes -- Sales training telemarketing audio tapes create sales SuperStars selling skills relationship sales NLP advanced sales training techniques.
 Take Control -- Offers hypnosis tapes for such things as weight loss, concentration and stopping smoking. Ordering instructions and FAQs.
 Technology Induced Lucid Dreams -- Brain wave entrainment technology for Altered states, meditation, relaxation, lucid dreaming, lucid dreams, stress management, sleep aid, enhanced learning, depression, anxiety, self help.
 The Gateway Experience -- Exploring expanded states of consciousness including out of body experiences, general well being, and astral projection.
 The Hypnotherapy Information Centre -- Personalised programs for treatment of addictions and phobias including stopping smoking, losing weight, or overcoming fear of flying.
 The Sphinx of Imagination -- Hypnotic trance program on CD to enhance spiritual, physical, and personal possibilities.
 The Subliminal Learning System -- Offers powerful subliminal programs for self improvement, relaxation, stage fright and musicianship. Providing safe, effective programs by mail order.
 The Ten Minute Relaxation Tape -- A tape designed to help you relax within ten minutes. It can be used at the office during a fifteen minute coffee break or it can be used at home.
 Tranceformation Works -- Hypnosis tapes for learning self-hypnosis for comfort and pain relief associated with specific problems.
 Trancesolutions -- Home programs for self-hypnosis, includes available titles and usage instructions.
 Tranquility Tapes -- Hypnosis tapes for relaxation and sleep assistance.
 Vibrational Sounds™ -- Advanced self hypnosis CDs/tapes using Vibrational Sounds™ technology with Aaron David's self hypnosis imagery. Self help for many topics.
 Weight Control Therapy -- Licensed psychotherapist offers hypnosis tapes for weight loss, includes related menu ideas and food plans.
 Weight Control with Hypnosis -- One hour program to assist with losing weight.
 Wesland Institute -- Offers audio cassette tapes for hypnosis, hypnotherapy, NLP neuro-linguistic programming and self-improvement training and certification.

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