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 Brainwave Stimulators

 Aleph One -- Biofeedback and stress management products including EEG feedback monitors, books and tapes, and myo-electric instruments.
 American Center for Quantum Wellness -- Demonstrations, sales, service and support for the Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface.
 Bio-Medical Instruments, Inc. -- Biofeedback and neurofeedback instrumentation including computerized, stand-alone, and related accessories.
 Biofeedback Training -- Biofeedback in Tucson. Relief from pain, anxiety, ADD, headaches, and stress.
 Biofeedback Zone -- Software, hardware, and related accessories. Includes research information, forums, and product reviews.
 Bionetica Software -- Computer software for biofeedback therapists. Includes free demonstration and technical support.
 BiotechTronics -- Equipment and software for biomedical health monitoring and non-invasive health care.
 Brainwave Center -- Equipment and monitoring devices, software, and accessories. Also offers brainwave synchronizers.
 Celeste Institute -- Digital medicine, gives you help to self help within preventive health care and self care
 Chattanooga Medical Supply -- Sales of biofeedback products, health care products, and products to aid daily living.
 Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Equipment & Supplies at Rajala -- Chiropractic and physical therapy equipment and supplies, including biofeedback products, ultrasound, electrotherapy equipment, massage tables, and exercise equipment.
 Clarity Meter -- A GSR meter used for pinpointing and handling the underlying sources of stress, grief, inhibition and other difficulties. It is used in psychotherapy and modern methods of personal enhancement and spiritual development.
 EEG -- This site provides you with information about EEG biofeedback. Find online protocols for alpha-theta EEG biofeedback practitioners used in research and clinical practice by Bill Scott.
 Focused Technology -- Physiological monitoring and feedback equipment.
 Futurehealth -- Provides books, tapes, and most major brands of professional and consumer biofeedback systems, instruments, and supplies.
 Heart Rate Variability -- Nerve-Express provides a quantitative assessment of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) based on Heart Rate Variability (HRV).
 Heart Rate Variability Instruments -- Biocom Technologies develops physiology-related software and hardware products for the general public, fitness, and medical markets.
 Hyperwarp Computers -- Offering a variety of biofeedback and mind machines.
 Inner-Act Neurofeedback Center -- Rae Tattenbaum's Neurofeedback: Expertise in Erickson Hypnosis, EEG Biofeedback, recipient of Nortel's President's award for excellence
 International PCE Network - The IPN -- Sells biofeedback devices and instruments for easy-to-learn but effective biofeedback training for the individual user.
 iProducts -- Light and sound therapy equipment and biofeedback systems.
 J&J Engineering Inc. -- Manufacturer of biofeedback and physiological monitoring systems.
 Lexicor Medical Technology, Inc. -- Maker of EEG (QEEG) and EEG training systems. Lexicor offers sophisticated training and peer networking in neuropsychology measurement and diagnosis.
 Light & Sound Technology -- Light and sound devices to aid in mental relaxation by altering brainwave activity.
 Light and Sound stimulation and Biofeedback -- Biofeedback and Light and Sound devices for optimizing your state of mind.
 Low cost, high-quality biofeedback equipment -- This site features several low cost methods of using biofeedback and other mind machines to learn how to relax, focus, meditate, and get into the high-performance zone with less effort and more fun.
 Luxe Vivant -- Device combining neuro-linguistic programming with music, sound effects, and binaural beats to help induce a relaxed state.
 Manufacturer of Mind Machines -- Biofeedback, Light and Sound, and hybrid systems for the serious mind tools experimenter. In business since 1987. Links to U.S. and International dealers. Informative site.
 Marks Software and Consulting -- EMG biofeedback software for treating urinary and fecal incontinence and pelvic pain for the Biograph and Multitrace instruments.
 Mind Modulations - Mind Machine, Light and Sound Device distributor -- Distributor of Synetic Systems biofeedback and Light and Sound devices -- Manufacturer and retailer of Light and Sound Stimulation machines. We also offer unique Herbal Products.
 MOE Electronics Research and Production -- Biofeedback instruments for personal or professional use in stress reduction therapy.
 NeuroDyne Medical Corp. -- NeuroDyne Medical Corp. manufactures biofeedback and real-time EMG equipment.
 Quantum Life -- QXCI device designed to harness the unconscious self, and healing power of the human body.
 R A Bell Instruments Ltd. Biofeedback Instruments -- Site has free application information and a wide range of Biofeedback instruments that can be purchased on line
 Relax UK, Ltd -- Light and sound therapy, biofeedback machines, and audio programs. Also offers brainwave stimulator CDs and relaxation tapes.
 Remedial Neurofeedback Training -- Neurological education for the brain.
 Scenar -- Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation machine, stimulating the nervous system to heal itself. Includes product history and how it works.
 Schuhfried -- Computer aided biofeedback systems and software, psycho-physiological tests, and diagnostic equipment.
 SOM Biofeedback -- Developer, manufacturer and distributor of biofeedback and psychophysiological instruments. Professional instruments and home-trainers.
 Stens Corporation -- Biofeedback training program and instrumentation distribution firm.
 Stress Management Products, Tools and Resources -- Big selection of low cost stress management stress reduction, relaxation biofeedback training tools, products, tapes, and customized stress cards for personal and professional use.
 The Pain Relief Center -- Biofeedback devices, along with books and tapes for pain management. Also offers a newsletter and related resources.
 Tools & Techniques -- BrainMaster, BT5pro, NovaDreamer, NovaPro, WaveRider, Hemi-sync and other relaxation devices.
 Tools and Techniques for Mental Fitness. -- Both a reference guide and a catalog for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Sells products that help you achieve good health.
 Tools for Wellness -- A large source of alternative medicine products and information.
 Voyager Mind Machines -- Portable machines to guide into deep relaxation and other beneficial mental states. Also offers brainwave tapes.

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