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Brainwave Stimulators - Medical Equipment

Location: Main > Alternative Health Products > Biofeedback > Brainwave Stimulators

 AlphaBrainSync -- Brainwave stimulation shareware, offering assistance with stress reduction, general health, and creativity.
 Arts Sciences -- Light and sound stimulation hardware and software that guide the user into the desired state of relaxation, focus, creativity, with product descriptions and usage instructions.
 Audio Moods -- Offers audio brainwave entrainment CD's that help put the brain into different states of awareness.
 Biokinetic Resonance -- Vibrational healing music used to trigger specific responses in the whole person, includes music description and healing possibilities.
 Centerpoint Research Institute -- Mind development tool to accelerate stimulation of neural pathways leading to whole-brain functioning, includes online demo and related newsletter.
 Comptronic Devices, ltd -- Technology for the mind including brainwave training, and related books and tapes.
 MindMatter -- Combines brain wave stimulation with music to achieve altered states of mind, for meditation, accelerated learning, stress relief, and mood elevation.
 Multidimensional Music -- Combining specific frequencies, energy, and music to create a resonance tool which can raise consciousness and open doors to new dimensions, with listening instructions, composer biography, and music samples.
 Neural Fx -- Microcurrent stimulation modules to control brainstates aiding in increasing study habits, pain and stress relief, and sleep assistance, by altering delta and gamma waves.
 New Mindmachines -- Mind machines, biofeedback, and cranial electro stimulation to help control emotions, enhance memory, and reduce fatigues. Includes product descriptions and accessories.
 Power States -- Unique products for developing powerful altered states of consciousness, including e-books, tapes and cds, training courses, and mind machines, with product catalog, specials, and downloads.
 Shakti Lite -- Magnetic stimulation software to explore consciousness, develop psychic skills, and achieve altered states.
 The Mind Connection -- Interactive hardware and software to stimulate and balance brainwaves for mental training, stress therapy, and creativity, includes product descriptions, how they work, what to expect, and newsletter.
 The Monroe Institute -- Hemi-SyncŪ brain-wave technologies for meditation, sleep enhancement, relaxation, concentration, improved memory, alternative healing, pain control, and spiritual growth.

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