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 Accessories  Bodycare Products
 Essential Oils  Incense

 10 Out of Ten -- Incense and smoking bottles, oil lamps, essential and fragrance oils, and home decor.
 A1 Aroma -- Fragrance oils, incense and burners, and bodycare products.
 Amrita Bindu -- Fragrance oils, perfumes, and incense created from resins, herbs, and attars.
 Aromaporium -- Essential, massage, fragrance, and carrier oils. Also offer diffusers and candles.
 Aromatherapy Bargain Depot -- Aroma lamps, incense sticks and cones, fragrance and essential oils, and accessories.
 Aromatherapy Products -- Essential oils, candles and incense, diffusers, and inhalation beads. Also offers feng shui products and jewelry.
 AromaWerks -- Wild-crafted essential snd carrier oils, soaps and body care products, and related accessories.
 Arraby's Aromatherapy -- Essential oils, creams and lotions, and fragrances.
 Auric Blends -- Perfume oils, incense, candles, henna, and accessories.
 Best in Scents -- Incense, essential and perfume oils, and diffusers. Also offers statuary and prayer beads.
 Candles and Oil -- Handcrafted candles, essential oils, diffusers, and accessories.
 Cathy Searle's Aromatiques -- Essential oils, skin care products, and diffusers.
 Celebrations Of Nature, LLC -- Essential and fragrance oils, warmers, candles, and shea butter.
 ChildCalm -- Special blend of therapeutic grade lavender and chamomile oils for natural soothing properties for children.
 Clear Light -- Natural skin and hair care products, sachets, and potpourri made with a green cedar fragrance.
 ClearMagick Aromatherapy -- Essential and carrier oils and blends, bottles and misters, and aroma lamps.
 Connection Earth -- Handcrafted natural bath and body products, incense, and flower essences.
 Cosmic Living -- Essential oils and diffusers, herbal cleansers and bodycare products, and gift sets.
 Creating Harmony, LLC -- Handmade essential oils and flower essences, skin care products, and salves and tinctures.
 Crystal Mountain -- Essential and fragrance oils, hand dipped incense, and aroma jewelry.
 Earth Essence -- Oils, powders, and crystals to enhance love, wealth, health, success, and spiritual well-being. Also offer candles and skin care products.
 Earth Essences -- Therapeutic blends, diffusers, children's blends, skin and bath care products, and perfumes. Includes descriptions of oils and articles.
 Earth Tribe -- Plant based products including single notes and blends, bath and body washes and infusions, and childrens formulas.
 Escentials Crafts and Fragrances -- Carrier and fragrance oils, hair and body products, and soaps. Also offer bottles and jars.
 Essentially Me -- Essential oils, moisturizers, lip balms, and gift baskets.
 Esteban -- French fragrances as incense, light bulb rings, vacuum powders, and fragrance oils.
 Exiscentials Potpourri and Incense -- Make your own custom potpourri, incense, and sachet blends from natural botanical ingredients. Also offers pre-mixed blends and accessories.
 Great Marvel -- Skin elixirs, sachets, and handmade soaps.
 Green Garden Aroma -- Essential and carrier oils and blends, skin care products, whole herbs, and accessories.
 Greyone -- Bath and body products, essential and fragrance oils, candles, herbs and resins, and magical charms.
 Herb Sisters -- Hand-crafted bath teas, dream pillows, solid perfumes, incense, and lip balms.
 Hintner -- Essential oils, soaps, and skin care products. Includes articles and a relaxation course.
 House of Essentials -- Natural bath salts, soaps, fragrance oils, hand dipped incense sticks, and massage and bath oils.
 Internatural Aromatherapy -- Bath and body products, essential oils, absolutes, candles, diffusers, and aroma jewelry.
 Lab of Flowers -- Essential and carrier oils, bath and body products, hair and skin care, flower waters, and diffusers.
 LeFay -- Essential oils, incense and burners, bath and body products, and candles.
 Lunaroma -- Offering wild-crafted essential oils, perfumes, skin care, gift sets, and bulk natural ingredients.
 Magic Essence -- Essential and carrier oils, soaps, massage oils, vaporisers, incense and candles, and flower water.
 Medicine Flower -- Pure essential and massage oils, body and bath products, lotions, and diffusers.
 Merlyn's Grove Aromatherapy -- Bath salts, chakra and massage oils, and oil blends for rituals.
 Mystick Scents -- Essential oils, soaps, spa products, and herbal pillows.
 Nuance Aromatherapy -- Essential and massage oils, bath and body products, and soaps.
 Olfactory Corporation -- Incense, potpourri, scented home decor, sachets, and bath beads.
 Phyzz Steamworks -- Sinus soothing effervescent aromatherapy shower tablets release clouds of natural eucalyptus, menthol, and camphor.
 Purest Products -- Singles and synergy blends, skin and hair care products, and diffusors. Also offers books.
 Scentament -- Bath and body products, incense and burners, candles, and fragrance oils.
 Sonoran Light -- Wildflower essences, gem and mineral elixirs, and meditation oils.
 Spiritual Sky Incense -- Incense, essential oils, soaps and body care products, and herbal creams. Also offers tips for inspirational living.
 The Fragrant Pomander -- Oils, candles, and diffusers. Also offers home decor accessories.
 Tranquility -- Body scrubs and creams, teas, candles and potpourri, and accessories.
 Trillium Organics -- Organic cosmetics, lip balm, body oils, and perfumes.
 Zandella -- Carrier and massage oils, bath and beauty products, and soaps from Australia. Also offers jewelry.

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