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Location: Main > Alternative Health Products > Aromatherapy > Bodycare Products

 African Shea Butter Company -- Bulk shea butter, soaps, lotions, and creams.
 Alexa Skin and Body Care -- Oils, lotions, scrubs, creams, and other skin care products. Includes skin type and care information.
 Anderson Botanical Care -- Alternative solutions for health problems, offers specific blends for specific ailments.
 Anew Essentials -- Offers a range of health and beauty products.
 Angelynn Potions -- A small company that provides scented candles, soaps,and lotions.
 Aroma Affair -- Supplies aromatherapy information, fragrance and essential oils, candles, soaps and lotions.
 Aroma Australis -- Aromatherapy, and personal care and essential oils products.
 Aroma Beautiful Aromatherapy -- A range of essential oils and baby, skin, and body care items.
 Aroma Beauty Secrets -- Australian company specializes in aromatherapy products for skin care, body care, essentials oils, pet care, gift packs and accessories.
 Aroma Health Texas -- Offers hand processed, steam distilled aromatherapy products including natural skin care, fenshui misters, herbal tonics, books and tapes.
 Aroma Kiwi -- Aromatherapy products made in New Zealand of pure essential oils.
 Aroma M -- Offers luxury natural perfumes, with matching sachets, powders and soaps, and aromatherapy diffusers.
 Aroma Solutions -- Provides many all natural alternative health and beauty products using pure essential oils.
 Aromablast -- Aromatherapy products and essential oils. The candles, bathtime products, cosmetics, herbal oils, and specialty items, are 100% natural. No additives, no synthetics, and no chemicals.
 Aromaland Aromatherapy Mall -- Providing over 400 all natural products, items include gifts, body care, essential oils and educational material on related subjects.
 AromaLife -- Health, beauty and skin care products made with essential oils and all natural ingredients. Massage oils, bath salts, skin creams and facials.
 Aromansse -- Hair and skincare products and essential oils to help you heal your body with 100% natural ingredients. Offices in France and in Canada.
 Aromapy Natural Products -- Skin care products formulated with all herbs, herbal extracts, and cold-pressed vegetable and essential oils.
 AromaRx -- We specialize in customized aromatherapy blends to promote and enhance your health and well-being.
 AromaSpas -- Full body steam capsules for health & relaxation. Combines the benefits of steam and aromatherapy.
 Aromatherapy by Dana -- Aromatherapy bath products - soap, bath salts, massage and bath oils, essential oils.
 Aromatherapy by Warren Botanicals -- Aromatherapy products for therapeutic and personal care. Also designs and manufactures private lines for spa resorts and day spas.
 Aromatherapy Clinic -- Sells oil blends including anti snoring, immune boosters, eczema, energizing, relaxing, and sinuses clearing.
 Aromatherapy Perfumes for Mood Enhancement -- Specializing in romantic and exotic aromatherapy perfumes, bath and body care products and unique perfume bottles.
 Aromatherapy Products -- 100% natural soaps, frankincense and myrrh gum resins, bath salts, cream perfumes, herbs, eye pillows, massage oil, and lotions. Healing the body, mind and spirit.
 Aromatic Apothecary -- A wide range of quality aromatherapy products for sale online and delivered worldwide.
 Aromatica -- Handcrafted lotions, face cream, massage oils, and lavender eye pillows.
 Ashley Lauren Natural Products -- Hand crafted small batch hair, body, and skin care products.
 Attar Bazaar -- Fragrances for the Soul.
 Au Jardin d'Emma -- All natural skin care products specializing in formulas for anti-aging.
 Avicella -- Custom blended products based on each individual condition.
 Awakening Spirit, Inc. -- Specializes in aromatherapy products including creams and lotions, balms, skin and hair care, and bath and body. Custom blending for specific ailments.
 Batch Number, Inc. -- Handmade bath and massage oils, body exfoliants, and facial skin care products.
 Bath Heaven, LLC -- Handmade bath salts, soaps and scrubs, lotions and creams, and body sprays.
 Bella Divine -- Wonderful products that create a sense of well-being. All our products (bath scrubs, soaps and more) contain pure essential oils beneficial to the mind, body and spirit.
 Best Botanicals Around -- Offers Earth Tribe products, specialty baskets and various other aromatherapy products.
 Black Pearl Botanicals -- All natural hand blended perfume, home spa and skin care products.
 Blessings Of Nature -- We are a designer, manufacturer, wholesaler and on-line retailer of all natural essential oil aromatherapy products. Product line includes soy candles, bath salts, lip & cuticle balm, and pure essential oils.
 Blue Moon Herbals -- Specializing in hand-crafted herbal soaps, seasalt scrubs, herbal and salt baths, lip balms, lotions, and potions.
 Body & Soul -- Located in Tucson Arizona, Body & Soul offers over 200 high quality natural aromatherapy oils and bath and body care items including major brand names.
 Body and Soul Elements -- Handmade lotions, sprays, oils, and hair care products. Also offers candles.
 Body Bliss Aromadesign -- Precisely formulated oils for body and bath. Organic and wildcrafted ingredients. Pure aromatherapy perfumes, body mists, room sprays, salt scrubs and pure organic therapeutic grade essential oils.
 Body Botanicals -- Soaps, skin care, and baby and body care, from natural ingredients and essential oils. Includes an herb glossary.
 Botanical Skin Works -- Natural skin care using cold pressed oils, butters, and essential oils.
 Breath of Heaven -- Offers lotions, bath salts, body and room spray, and bath fizzers scented with blends of essential oils.
 Cloud 9 Aromatherapy -- Provides a complete line of handmade all-natural bath and body products using the principles of aromatherapy.
 Complete Indulgence -- All natural body and face lotions, oils, and creams. Includes skin profiles.
 Crescent Moon -- Creates all-natural home spa products that include body wash, shampoo, handmade soap, bath salts, and salt scrubs, fragranced with essential oils.
 David's Herb Garden -- Bar soaps, sprays, gels, balms, and body care products. Also offers teas and culinary spices.
 deep aromatherapy -- Therapeutic and cosmetic blends of 100% pure essential oils from Sydney, Australia.
 Diane Seago Atkins: -- Holistic health consulting business with emphasis on aromatherapy lotions and oils, acupressure, and chinese herbals.
 Dragonfly Botanicals -- All natural health and beauty products made with pure essential oils.
 E-Scent-ials Aromatherapy Products -- All natural aromatherapy products designed to indulge the senses. Featuring pure essential oils, aromatherapy candles, herbal bath products, diffusers. -- The on-line health store featuring Dul-x and Biokosma. The Swiss range of completely natural products that use 19 different essential oils. Ideal for sports injuries, muscular aches, ligaments and joints, arthritis, tiredness and muscular rheumatism.
 Earthly Accents -- Herbal and aromatherapy bath products: Hand-made soap, bath salts, eye pillows, dream pillows, herbal face/body buffs, lotion, message/body oil, lip balm, milk bath, and gift baskets.
 Earthly Herbs -- Natural products made from organic and wildcrafted herbs, pure essential oils, and natural ingredients. Offering medicinal oils, bath blends, natural skin care, salves, soaps, candles and naturals for children.
 Edelweiss Botanicals -- All natural skin and body care products made from herbs, botanicals, and essential oils. Also offers related books.
 Enchanted Earth -- Handmade soaps, bath products, body scrubs and sprays, lotion, and childrens formulas.
 Enchanted Lites and Scents -- Small batch blends for soaps, bath oils, and lotions. Also offers candles.
 Erianas Magickal Aromatherapy Supply -- Handmade soaps, natural bath and skin care products, and essential oils. Also offers natural wax candles, herbs, and botanicals.
 EsScentials for Body & Soul -- Body products using essential oils to help people with what ails them.
 Essence Maker -- Experience the Essence of Aromatherapy with Massage Oils, lotions, Intense Undereye Treatment and other available products.
 Essensa -- Aromatherapy from Provence, France offers aromatherapy blends.
 Essential Delights -- Skin care products made with essential oils including bath salts, soap, lotion, and body oil.
 Essential Health -- Natural aromatherapy and essential oil products including headlice prevention, mother and baby, skincare, and mood oils.
 Essential Restoratives -- Aromatherapy products for all the family including skin and body care, herbal apothecary, nailcare, essential oils and synergies.
 Essentially Yours Aromatherapy Products -- Essentially Yours Aromatherapy offers a number of different aromatherapy products, including Pain Relief Balm, Lip Balm, and Perfume Gels.
 Euroviva Health Products, Ltd. -- Creams and lotions based on vibrational medicine.
 Fern Mist -- Resource for aromatherapy products, bodycare needs made with essential oils including soaps, salves, balms, body sprays and essential oils. Offers finished products and raw materials to make your own.
 Four Aromatherapy -- Discover relief from aches and pains through soothing smells. Product lines include The Body Shop, Crabtree and Evelyn, Heavenly Scents, and Wick's End.
 Fragrant Endeavours -- Offers an array of therapeutic blends and magical blends.
 Funky bath stuff -- Offers handmade products for the bath and body.
 Glorious Aromatherapy -- Essential body and massage oils, perfumes, and bath foams.
 Grampa's Garden Inc. -- all-natural therapeutic products including hot/cold packs, herbal packs, essential oils, body and massage tools, and aromatherapy products.'
 Greenridge Herbals -- Handmade lotions, massage oil, aromatherapy candles, dream pillows, body butter, and bath salts.
 Hands of Peace -- British aromatherapist offers colour-aromatherapy, essential oils and blends, skincare, soaps, and babycare items. Aromatherapy massage treatments available on site.
 Harmony with Nature -- Natural skin, hair, and body care products scented with real essential oils.
 Healing Aromatics -- Essential oil blends, soaps, lotions and gift sets for every occasion.
 Healing Natural Oils -- Special formulas using essential oils to treat a variety of skin conditions.
 Healthy Products -- Aomatherapy oils have been combined with a subtle magnetic process similar to homeopathy, to create a unique product known as Biomagnetic Aromatherapy. Site requires Flash to view.
 Heaven Scent Candles and Beauty Products -- Offers natural products including candles, beauty products, aromatherapy, herbal extracts, and health articles.
 Herbal Heritage Gardens -- Natural body care products made with natural ingredients and pure essential oils.
 Herban Scents -- Bath and spa products, lotions, perfumes, and soaps. Includes usage tips.
 Hisens Bath Salts -- Aromatherapy balneotherapy practice that an individual can do for chronic illnesses such as flu, diabetes, cancer, and various skin diseases.
 Holistic Aromatherapy -- Hand-made, all natural bath and body products including salts, soap, oils, salves and balms, and related accessories. Also offers aromatherapy consultations and workshops.
 Holistic Hands -- Natural facial lift exercises, classes and home study manual, herbal and aromatic skin and hair products, essential oils, candles and books.
 Indigo Wild -- Offers interesting range of all-natural products for body and home. Our products are based on the uplifiting effects of aromatherapy.
 INDIKAH Hemp Oils -- Indikah hempseed oil and essential oil perfume blends.
 Infusion Bath and Body -- Aromatherapy personal care products, made with the essence of flowers and herbs, including bath and body products, massage oils, and facial mists.
 Ivys Delights by Harmony In-Quest Inc. -- Fragrant treasures, balms, bath products, lotions andllnen sprays.
 Jakare Natural Skin Care Products -- Natural, organic skin care products using essential oils to help heal the body and spirit.
 Jardin du Soleil Lavender -- Lavender farm for bath and body, aromatherapy, herbal, organic, soaps, and gifts.
 Jones Eucalyptus Oil -- Offers a diluted eucalyptus oil spray with many claims of pain relief.
 Kaliana -- Bath and body products that combine alternative therapies, including aromatherapy, essential oils and homeopathy.
 Kamakura Garden -- Aromatherapy handmade bodycare, natural soaps, delicious lip gloss, women's aroma blends, lotions, herbal beauty secrets purely herbal and synthetic free. Aroma portable battery diffusor, aromashower, and essential oils.
 Keltic Aromas Aromatherapy Products -- Perfumes, body scubs, and skin care products from essential oil blends. Also offers celtic music.
 Likisma Aromatherapy and Essential Oils -- Essential oils, aromatherapy products and accessories, as well as advice on aromatherapy.
 Lil's Lavendar -- A family-owned business featuring products with Mother Nature's finest ingredients, all natural with no unnecessary additives or preservatives and premium-grade lavender imported from France.
 Lilly's Essential Products -- Lilly's uses essential oils, natural tinctures and herbs for their therapeutic value. Over 25 classic, intuitive, and therapeutic products to rejuvenate, restore, and revitalize your body and home.
 Luminus -- Manufacturer and distributor of pure aromatherapy body care products. Also offers candles.
 Maggie's Pharm -- Offering a variety of custom lotions, oils, soaps, shampoos, and conditioners with many other products available.
 Magic Essentials -- Body and massage oils, bath salts, mists, and soaps.
 Marc's Private Blend -- Offers natural, essential oil-based therapeutic skin products for healthy skin, suntanning, natural insect repellent and baby products.
 Maui Excellent -- Natural bodycare, bath, and massage products from special blends of essential oils.
 Miami Aromatherapy, Inc. -- Site offers an array of aromatherapy synergies, and information about aromatherapy in general.
 Mirabella -- Supplying essential oils, creams, candles, and other aromatherapy products and alternative remedies. Based in the UK.
 Mother Star Magical Scents -- Offers hand blended bath and shower salts with pure essential oils.
 Mundo Azul -- Room sprays, massage oils, and first aid blends. Also offers natural health care guides and education.
 Mutioils -- Aromatherapy products for pregnant women, mothers, and the rest of us.
 N-lite -- South African company offering handmade soaps, massage oils, and bath salts. Also offers aromatherapy candles, and a library of oils used and their properties.
 Nahbila's Essentials -- Provides aromatherapy oils for skin care, hair care, relaxation, love, massage, aphrodisiac, cellulite, and stretchmarks.
 Namaste Natures Treasures, Inc. -- Wholesale and bulk essential oils and aromatherapy products and supplies. Aromatherapy candles, lotions, soaps and blending supplies.
 NaturaLeigh -- Handmade soaps, essential oils, aromatherapy bath and skin care products made from totally natural ingredients, available to purchase on-line.
 Naturallythinking -- UK based vendor of essential oils, face masks and cosmetic products by Naturallythinking. Site also offers homeopathic and magnatherapy products. Comprehensive information delivery worldwide.
 Nature's Child -- AromaKids line of aromatherapy massage oils, lotions and bath products appropriate for children.
 Natures Choice Skin Care -- Natural treatments using essential oils for stretch marks, cellulite and broken capillaries. Product line also includes bath salts, milk baths, and aromatherapy candles.
 Neal's Yard Remedies -- Skin and body care products, breath fresheners, and sun lotions. Also offers related accessories.
 New Moon Bodywork and Botanicals -- Products based on healing qualities of essential oils and herbs, including massage and body oils, lip and hand balms (many made with infused herbs as well as essential oils) room sprays and bath salts.
 Nurture by Nature -- Environmentally- and human-friendly, home-made cosmetics and toiletries for the body and home. Products are freshly-made to order and can be customised to aid a variety of problems and complaints.
 Of The Goddess, Ltd. -- All natural bath and body products, essential and fragrance oils, and massage lotions.
 Old Thyme Herbs -- Herbal essential oils, bath and body, and spa products. Also offers meditation CDs.
 Organica Naturals -- We offer handmade herbal soaps, bath and spa treatments, all natural bath salts, bath oils, spa treatments and gift sets.
 Osler Aromatherapy Store -- Aromatherapy, herbal and natural soaps, essential oils, creams and lotions from South Wales.
 Out of Hand -- Home-made lotions and oils, bath products and soaps. Also offers candles.
 Pain Relief Essence -- Specialized blends crafted to order based upon skin type for arthritis, restless legs, and insomnia.
 Patricia Miller -- Bath and body products including gels and creams.
 Patty's Heart of the Matter -- Offering workshops, healing products, and giftbaskets created from 100% pure essential oils.
 Paula's Potions -- Natural aromatherapy essential oil potions for bath, body and massage including rejuvenating, relaxing, healing, sore body, woman's comfort, and love blends.
 Perennial Scents -- Home made creams, lotions, bath teas, and body scrubs.
 Personal Aromatherapy Blends -- Custom blended body oils, creams, and sprays based on individual personalities.
 Potomac Greentech--Aromatherapy Products -- Scented herbal products from Potomac Greentech revive the ancient Chinese aromatherapy tradition: eye and travel pillows, wrist support, neck and body wraps.
 Pure and Simple Crafts -- Aromatherapy and herbal-crafts handmade in Connecticut. Includes bath salts, green clay facials, herbal heating bags, soaps, and dream pillows.
 Purolio -- All natural blend formulated specifically for healthy hair.
 Reiki in Taiwan -- Offers essential oils and aromatherapy with Hinoki Oil.
 RHIAMON Natural Essentials -- Provider of aromatic products to balance the trinity of existence.
 Rozsi -- Natural skin care, bath and body, and hair care products and accessories, from certified essential oils and floral waters.
 Samish Bay -- Natural soaps, sprays, and oils. Also offers bulk lavender.
 San Francisco Bath Salt Company -- Mineral bath salts in shaped bottles.
 Sandral Aromatherapy -- Lotions, salt scrubs, skin care, and insect repellent. Also offers gift baskets.
 Scentgarden -- Provides aromatherapy consultation through email, along with natural products and essential oils to enhance health and well being.
 Scents of Balance -- Site offers an innovative array of face and body care products, herbal vinegars, and aromatherapy synergies.
 Self Care Direct -- Aromatherapy online store with essential oils, candles, body care and aromatherapy workshops
 Seven Lakes Aromatherapy -- Offers a line of aromatherapy blends, available in lotions, bath salts and other toiletries, essential oils, and a variety of gifts.
 Shadow and Light -- Sells aromatherapy candles, bath & body lotions, soaps, and incense delicately blended from essential oils, herbs, and botanicals.
 Shop 4 Essential Oils -- Essential oils and aromatherapy products.
 Soma Essentials: Natural Body Care Products -- Luxury line of natural body and skincare products.
 Soul Essence -- Natural skin care line includes lotions and creams.
 Stones & Scents -- Blended oils, lotions, and shower gels.
 Sunspirit Aromatherapy -- Oils and topical treatments from Australia. Also offers articles and recipes.
 Susan's Soaps & More -- Handmade soaps, perfume solids, salt glows, lotion, lip balm, and bath salts.
 Tal Fine Essential Oils -- Tal Fine Essential Oils, Israel, concentrates on fragrance and Judaic tradition. Offers essential oils, many of which are organic and originate from the Holy Land. Products include lines for children, aromatic skin care, and therapeutic blends for specific health conditions.
 Tammie Polley -- Earth friendly personal products including lotions, shampoo, lip balms, body oils, and soaps.
 Tea Tree Place -- Selection of Tea Tree Oil products available.
 Tea Tree Products America, Inc. -- Selection of Tea Tree oil products available such as shampoos, bath oils, lotions, and deodorants.
 Terrapin: Sun Screens and Lip Balms -- Terrapin Outdoor Systems makes sun screens and lip balms for the active outdoors person, and gives 2% of profits to conservation causes, especially turtles.
 The Body Garden -- Custom blended, chemical-free spritzers, lotions, massage oils, and gift baskets.
 The River Company -- Therapeutic bath products from essential oils and botanical herbs.
 Touched By A Scent -- Aromatherapy and related products for body, mind, and soul. Hand-blended especially for you with the healing energy of love and peace.
 True Essence, Inc. -- Rehobeth, DE store offering a wide variety of Aromatherapy products, including essential oils, essential oil blends, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, and custom beauty products.
 Twelve Corners -- Products are handmade in the spirit of loving cooperation with Nature's healing energies.
 Urban Natural Body Aromatherapy Bath and Body Products -- Aromatherapy bath and body products and our own line of lotion, salt scrubs, sugar scrubs for sale. We also carry hemp products, essential oils, candles and incense. Order on-line using Visa, MasterCard and Amex.
 Venturoma -- Online software leads to creation of individualized blends of up to three essential oils from a range of 50, depending on symptoms. Select your oils and Venturoma will ship them to you in your choice of base or carrier.
 Victorian Virtue Aromatherapy -- Essential oils and balms, bath salts, shower gels, and unscented products. Includes an aromatherapy guide.
 Victorie, Inc -- Therapeutic essential oils, candles, dead sea salts, body mist spray, and related skin care products.
 Vienna's Herbal Compounds -- Herbal and aromatherapy compounds for your body. To pamper your hair, skin and feet.
 Water Magic -- Company founded by Mary Muryn, acclaimed author. Offers bath and body oils, bath salts, meditation tapes, and Water Magic book.
 Well Beings -- Hand crafted, natural body care products that calm, soothe, pamper and relax. Many with essential oils or herbal ingredients.
 Wild Irish Rose Farm -- Aromatherapy products,gift baskets, vitamin E eye cream, candles,bath gels,princess potions,powder,lotions, creams,soaking salts, bubble baths, foot spa products with custom baskets available.
 Wild Violets -- Online department store offers herbal gifts ranging from aromatherapy candles to herbal bath and body products and Super Aloe juice.
 Wildflowers Aromatherapy -- Canadian site offers a wide selection of aromatic products and gifts.
 Yoav Collections -- Maker of aromatherapy candles, votives, essential oil blends and soaps.
 Yogic Solutions -- British company offering aromatherapy and Ayurvedic body and beauty products for home, therapy centre, yoga practice or spa.
 Your Secret Garden -- Body oils, soaps, moisturizers, and air fresheners from Canada.
 Zenith Supplies -- Reseller of brand name lotions, creams,bodycare products, offers essential oils, fragrances and massage oils.

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