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 About Herb Health -- Provides the products to aid the body in healing itself. -- Nutritional supplements that support or treat weight loss, prostate conditions, arthritis, heart disease, and general health. Includes special formulas and related resources.
 Al-Kemi Spagyrics -- Essences, herbs and formulas.
 All About Menopause -- Medicine Plants, under a medical advisory board, offers herbs supporting hormonal balance, good for menopause, infertility, allergies, fatigue, fibromyolgia, sexual dysfunction, impotence, and mental alertness.
 All Herbal -- Natural supplements specializing in formulas from the Middle East.
 Alotek -- Aloe based topical treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and reproductive system conditions.
 Alta Health Products -- Offer sil-x silica, herbal extracts, natural extracts, health formulas, pau d'arco products, and can-gest.
 Amazon Herb Trading Post -- On-line shopping for unique herbal supplements from the Amazon Rainforest that heal, strenthen, and improve the quality of your life.
 Ancient Herbal Liver Remedy -- Treatment for liver diseases including abuse from alcohol, drugs, heavy meat, and hepatitis.
 Ancient Herbs -- Proprietary blends for specific health concerns. Includes usage directions and formula descriptions.
 Ancient Mother Herbal Traditions -- Manufacturers of herbal tinctures, salves, infused and aroma oils, herbal cough syrups, ear-cone candles, and lip balm. Custom blending.
 Aurium Pharma Products -- Information on herbal formulas in liquid and chewable tablet form, sold from Ontario, Canada.
 Bear Pawss Traders -- Special blends based on Native American medicine.
 Bio-mode Centre -- Sales of herbal supplements containing heparvit and excell: used in the therapy and repair of organ tissue for viral hepatitis, and cirrhosis.
 BNG Enterprises -- Makers of Herbal Clean and Natural Treasures products.
 Body and Sole Patches -- Convenient herbal patches worn at night to effectively cleanse, detoxify, and increase metabolism, includes ingredients and usage instructions.
 Botavie -- Phytotherapeutic products made exclusively from plans and other natural products. Includes formulas for acne, high blood pressure, hair loss, hemorrhoids, herpes, and varicose veins.
 BP Regulator -- Herbal supplement used to help control high blood pressure.
 Can-x Products -- Offers black salve and tablets for holistic treatment of tumorous and viral growths. Site covers product history, case studies, and usage instructions.
 Cedar Ridge Herbs -- Selling organic herbal salves for diabetes and diabetic neuropathy.
 Celebrate-Herbs -- Information about Femmerol, a patented, organic herbal compound, for relief of PMS and menopause symptoms.
 Choice Herbal -- Herbal formulas for a variety of health issues including sleeplessness, acne, cold care, weight loss, impotence, and menpause relief. Features product formulas and a newsletter.
 Cloud Nine Herbs -- Patented formula with five different herbs for sexual enhancement.
 Compound X Health Products -- A unique formula that has reached through time,over several hundred years, to meet the needs of an ailing civilization
 Crystal Star Herbal Nutrition -- Whole herb combinations formulated by Dr. Linda Page N.D. Ph.D. author of Healthy Healing, provide natural relief for a multitude of conditions and ailments.
 Dorwest Herbs -- Traditional formulas for relief of specific symptoms. Also offers herbal shampoos and oils.
 Eagle Heart Herbal Remedies -- Spagyric herbal remedies, crafted herbal compounds and supplements for sale.
 Emethy Medicinals -- Providing the Emethy herbal formula for treatment of memory loss, trauma, blood detoxification, PMS, low vitality, stress, and immune imbalances.
 eSupplements Plus -- Sales of herbal remedy formulas and dietary supplements extracted from all-natural plant enzymes and herbs.
 Eve's Herbs -- Specialized herb formulas and homeopathic remedies for individual ailments. Includes in-depth articles about various conditions.
 EyeFive, Inc. -- Manufactures and distributes liquid and capsule herbal supplements.
 Femhealth -- Offers health information and herbal formulas for women regarding menstruation, menopause, libido boosters, anti-aging, sports nutrition, weight loss and nutritional diets and dieting.
 Find Serenity Now -- An all-natural, effective and safe anti-depressant. It does not lower energy levels and has no side effects.
 Forest Herbs Research, Ltd. -- Special formulas in capsules, creams, and oils. Includes clinical data.
 Formula Master Botanicals -- Herbal remedies for problems such as lack of energy, stress, PMS, impotence, and low libido.
 Freecare Network, Inc. -- Teas, mushrooms, and herbal supplements to fight cancer.
 From Nature to You -- Herbal oils and tinctures. Also offers herb properties and related books.
 Galilee Herbal Remedies -- Certified organic and kosher formulas for migraines, ADD, dietary assistance, stress, and general health. Includes clinical trial data.
 GoodCare Pharma PVT -- Information about Stress Guard, an herbal stress management formula.
 Green Health and Healing -- Offers herbal birth control options based on Mexican wild yam, as well as herbal abortifacients. Also, researcher requests women's reports of their experiences with these preparations.
 Greenbush Natural Products -- Specialized herbal formulations, includes information and support.
 Guarana -- Offers Naturale and Active herbal supplements for energy drinks: ideal health foods, dietary and nutritional supplements.
 Guardian Angel International -- Ailment specific natural herbal remedies. Includes related articles, newsletter, and testimonials.
 Happy Backs -- Natural herbal supplement that promotes back pain relief.
 Hawaiian Health Products -- Herbal formulas for cancer assistance and immune boosting, based on mushrooms. Includes clinical trial information and research.
 Heal Asthma -- Herbal formula for the treatment of asthma in both children and adults, with benefits and related articles.
 Health Dynasty -- Herbal remedies for sale. Also meal replacement and weight loss remedies.
 Health Minded, LC -- Herbal alternative anti-depressant. Includes product formula, research statistics, and special offer.
 Healthweigh -- Herbal supplements, vitamins and minerals, and teas specifically designed to aid in weight loss. Also offers green health products.
 Heart Drop 2000 -- Kardovite heart drops to assist with cardiovascular and health conditions. Includes ingredients, testimonials, and quality control information.
 Height Clinic -- Bone and cartilage nutrition supplement to increase height, with related research and testimonials.
 Hemp 'n' Heat -- Natural herbal pain relief gel.
 Her Native Roots -- Organic formulas using wildcrafted herbs, based on Native American knowledge.
 Herbal Care New Zealand -- Organic products for weight loss, hair growth, and to stop smoking.
 Herbal Kits -- Bundles several alternative remedies to help improve men's and women's health. Stop smoking kit. -- Online sales of PhytoChi.
 Herbon Naturals, Inc. -- Herbon naturals, inc. We are the all-natural echinacea-based herbal cough drop company. Herbon provides you with specific cold symptom relief and boosts your immune system.
 Hermes Choice -- Anti-viral and immune boosting supplements from olive leaf extract, also offers an exerciser and air purifier.
 Homeocare -- Offers homeopathic products and herbal formulas for common ailments along with resources and articles.
 Hypericum Buyers Club -- Offers assorted herbal remedies for specific ailments.
 iHerb -- Sells herbal supplements for mental health.
 Imhotep -- Imhotep manufactures ProSeed products with grapefruit seed extract. Reseller of other alternative health products.
 Immuno PFS -- Herbal blend as an alternative treatment for cancer.
 InSpired Nutritionals -- Natural treatment alternatives for a variety of disorders including thyroid dysfunction, hormone imbalance, prostate enlargement, and nutritional deficiencies, also offers general information regarding these health issues.
 Jeannie's Herbs -- Sales of herbs online by a naturopathic doctor.
 Kardovite -- Herbal products, heart drops, natural herbal medicine for heart disease that may help with clogged arteries, circulation, angina pain and cholesterol levels.
 Kozy Collar -- Microwavable Heating Pad -- A herbal heating pack that's formed like a collar to gently embrace your neck and shoulders, while it comforts, soothes and relieves away unwanted pain.
 Lanes -- Information on Olbas, Kalms, Inulin, Hemmex and other herbal remedies and medicines.
 Life Quest Herbs -- Products for relief of stress, sleeplessness, nervousness and headaches that aid the body naturally.
 Life Tree -- Offering herbal supplements that address parasites and the causes of health challenges and diseases.
 Lose Weight -- The all natural approach to weight control. Drink water, take your herbs, and eat enough food.
 Love Your Parts -- Proprietary blends for a variety of health conditions.
 Maca Surge -- Energy enhancing supplement, listing ingredients and expected benefits.
 Medicinal Herb of Asia -- Offering angel grass as an alternative cancer remedy. Includes properties and expected benefits.
 Medicor Labs -- All natural formula for the treatment of anxiety and depression.
 Medicures -- Herbal blends for acne, arthritis, cold sores, insomnia, and various sexual dysfunctions.
 Menopause Rx -- All natural and herbal formula for the relief of menopause, with how it works, features and benefits, and dosage instructions.
 Menopause Rx -- Information about treatment regimens for symptoms of menopause/perimenopause involving natural remedies.
 Metabolic Nutrition -- Offers Hydravax, a natural herbal diuretic that aids water weightloss and rids bloating. This water pill excels as a PMS treatment and remedy against problems of water retention.
 Native Remedies -- Natural and homeopathic remedies to help in the treatment of a wide range of ailments and conditions.
 NATR Health -- Special formulas for skin care, internal health, and immune boosting. Also offers books and videos, and free samples.
 Natural Herbal Supplements -- Products that may help counter many symptonms and effects of diseases.
 Natural Path Health Center -- Specializing in the natural treatment of women's health issues including menopause, fibromyalgia, and PMS. Also offers classes and naturopath services.
 Nature's Force, Inc. -- Natural formulas for migraines, vericose veins, psoriasis, and pain relief.
 Nature's Remedy -- Herbal solutions for natural health.
 NutraVite -- Online sales of herbs and supplements for prevention and remedies.
 Nutrinauts -- Formulas to strengthen immune systems, anti-aging, and cancer care.
 NutriWorks Designer Health Foods -- Manufacturer, wholesaler and private labeler of over 50 intricate designer health food formulations.
 Oöna Herbal Supplement for Women’s Health -- Information about this herbal supplement that naturally promotes a woman’s hormone balance without the use of artificial hormones.
 Origin BioMedicinals, Inc -- Herbal formulas for the pain relief and treatment of herpes. Includes product research, clinical results, and testimonials.
 Otrecure -- Distributors of East Park Research's Olive Leaf Extract products.
 People Helping People -- An all-natural, standardized herbal extract for joint pain.
 Pharma Botanixx -- On-line source for herbal formulas to relieve common conditions such as anxiety, stress, high cholesterol, impotency and weight loss.
 Plantavorel -- Making herbal remedies for 140 years. We have many specialities such as creams for skin problems and also herbal compositions for asthma and other medical conditions.
 Proyam -- Natural progesterone research and information library. Details about the cream which is available in 3 strengths and ordering instructions.
 Pure Liquid Gold -- Grapefruit seed extract for natural antibiotic, antiseptic, and disinfectant, includes benefits, uses, and technical research.
 Quiet Life -- Offers herbal and vitamin formula to aid relaxation and to reduce stress. Also has soothing sounds to download and some relaxation tips.
 Remedies USA -- Offering anethum which is a natural herbal remedy for high triglycerides and cholesterol.
 Renaissance -- Herbal supplements which help with weight loss, increase sex drive and treat PMS and menopause.
 Renu Herbs -- Specializing in detoxification and colon cleansing, natural weight loss, hair growth, and other formulas for better health.
 Restored Balance -- All-natural formulas for mens and womens reproductive health.
 S.S. Bitters -- Mixture of Swedish herbs for general health and vitality.
 See Clear -- Wildcrafted herbal formula for poor vision, eye surgery recovery, and other optical conditions.
 See Clear 2001 -- Natural alternative to eye surgeries and vision correction products, includes product formula and testimonials.
 Shades of Green Herbals -- Herbal remedies including oils, incense, salves, balms, and other products for enhancing the physical, emotional, and spiritual body. -- Stool formula for relief from diarrhea.
 Simmonds Herbal Supplies -- Supplies a diverse variety of herbal formulas for cleansing, and specific ailments.
 Smart Oil (Celastrus Oil) -- Sales of this natural nootropic (smart drug) online.
 Specialty Nutritional Supplements -- Specialty products for specific health concerns.
 Starr HealthCare Enterprises, Inc. -- Blended herbs for a variety of ailments, specializing in formulas for the male and female reproductive systems.
 Sunrise Healing Arts -- Offers liquid herbal extracts formulated to address health problems such as depression, anxiety, stress, menopause, PMS, indigestion, arthritis, irritable bowel, colds/flu, insomnia and mental acuity.
 Teeter Creek Herbs -- Sales of fresh medicinal herb extracts.
 The Green Herb -- Online sales of herbal supplements and formulas for specific health issues.
 The Herbal Clinic -- Veromax is a natural oral formula to enhance sexual performance for men and women.
 The Menopause Shop -- Information, vitamins, herbs and books.
 The Natural Bladder -- Offering herbal remedies and natural products for incontinence, bladder infections, interstitial cystitis and overactive bladder, with related medical information, recipes, and special offers.
 Three Lollies, LLC -- Natural herbal and fruit lollipops as an alternative remedy for nausea.
 Tien Hsien Liquid -- Natural herbs to fight cancer by strengthening the immune system. Includes testimonials, videos, and medical reviews.
 Trilight Herbs -- Extracts for children and adults, available as herbs singles, capsules and gels.
 Vaxa -- Supplies natural supplements such as vitamins, diet pills, herbal supplements, weight loss formulas, and amino acids.
 Vilvacora -- Offers herbal treatments for many diseases, such as cancer, allergies, alzheimer, parkinson disease and hepatitis. How to buy the herbs, how to dose them, how to compose complete treatments.
 VP-RX -- All natural formula for male sexual enhancement.
 Wildflower Herbs -- All natural tinctures for various conditions, and single herb formulas.
 Womens Natural Health -- Products for women seeking alternatives to conventional remedies for menopause and PMS.
 Yai Hong -- Herb grown in Thailand used as a treatment for asthma, available in capsule and tea form.
 Yamoa Powder -- A natural, side-effect-free herbal remedy for respiratory allergies. Suitable for all ages.
 Zellcon Herbal Formulas -- Natural formulas and tonics for specific conditions and ailments.

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