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 A World of Chinese Medicine -- Information on traditional Chinese medicine, eastern diagnosis of many common ailments, and a selection of TCM based herbal remedies.
 Ancient Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine -- Remedies for a variety of conditions. Also offers bulk herbs and teas.
 Asia Natural Products, Inc -- Herbal supplements and specialty formulas based on traditional Chinese medicine.
 Aubonsoin -- Blended herbal formulas for a variety of specific ailments.
 Best Nutrition Inc. -- Sells vitamins, minerals, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbal supplements and diet products.
 Beyond Well Being -- Provides consultation, prescription and delivery of Chinese herbal medicines in capsule form.
 Bio Essence Corporation -- Herbal and nutritional supplements based on far eastern spiritual practices.
 Chinese Angel Health Products, Inc. -- Traditional Chinese remedies for stroke, diabetes, heart disease, and general health problems. Includes clinical information. -- Shop for herbs. Directory of practitioners and information about Chinese astrology.
 Cinuma, Inc. -- Remedies for specific ailments which are listed for easy selection. Purchase and contact details.
 CLJ Health -- Tradition Chinese remedies for a variety of health problems, specializing in organ restoration formulas.
 Drug Store China -- A wide selection of Chinese herbal medicines for many different diseases.
 Dynasty Health Products -- Single and blended herbal supplements, oils, and skin care products. Also offers nutritional and dietary aids.
 Eagle Brand Medicated Oil -- Mentholated oil for pain relief and joint health.
 East Earth Trade Winds -- Products including Jade Chinese Herbs, Dragon Eggs, bulk herbs, books, essential oils, extracts and patent medicines for professional and consumer. Descriptions of herbs and uses.
 Enwei Group -- Chinese formulas for specific maladies.
 Genius Legendary, Inc. -- Specializing in reishi and cordyceps supplements and teas.
 Golden Light Herbs -- Herbal remedies categorized by yin or yang ailments, products for men or women, and by ailment.
 Grand Stone Nutrition -- Natural products combine Chinese and Western medicine, from Dr. Dexin Yan.
 Healing Herbs of China -- Offers Chinese herbs, cordyceps, and herbal teas, formulas and extracts. Information about the company and ordering instructions.
 Health Concerns -- Chinese herb products based on traditional formulas. Includes a list of informative articles.
 Healthcare Herb Shop -- Chinese herbs and Forever Health brand herbal formulas.
 Heba Medicine -- Individualized health programs using organic herbal concentrates and combinations. Includes doctor biography, ailment specific recommendations, and Chinese medicine information.
 Herb Navigator -- Custom blended formulas based on answers from included diagnostic questionnaire.
 Herbal Doctor Remedies -- Provides alternative formulas for skin and fungal diseases, hemorrhoids, brown spots and alopecia. -- A professional supplier for traditional Chinese medicine, comparative and alternative medicines, and acupuncture. Including herb medical advice.
 HerbsNet -- Offering Plum Flower Brand herbal medicines and supplements for the public and professional. Provides overview of TCM and conditions. FAQs addressing product description, use and practitioner resources.
 Hiddden River Farm -- Powerful Chinese herbal tonics and Penta tea.
 HK Herbal Master Co. -- Treatment for symptoms of genital warts and human papilloma virus.
 Imperial Secrest Herbs -- Herbal remedies based on ancient Chinese philosophies.
 Jagulana Herbal Products -- Jiaogulan herbal supplements and teas. Includes expected benefits, reactions to specific ailments, and description of the herb.
 JHS Natural Products -- Sales of mushroom supplements and extracts, or whole mushrooms, intended to improve immune systems.
 Jing Tai Hong -- Recommends herbal remedies for specific health problems. Herbs for men, women and children and family herbal soup concoctions.
 Le Crystal Distributors Co.,Ltd -- Traditional medicines for various health problems. Also offers a natural deodorant.
 Libest -- Topical treatment for pain relief, and a nutritional supplement reducing free radicals.
 Line Seasons -- Capsules and teas specializing in formulas for anti-aging.
 Little Dragon Distributors -- Herbal extracts specializing in Chinese and martial arts formulas, includes product catalog and related exercises.
 Mercy Herbs -- Specialty formulas for a variety of conditions.
 Miracle Herb -- Heart health and longevity management. Standardized gypenosides (Gynostemma Pentaphyllum) in capsule form.
 Morning Star Health -- Chinese herbs, massage products, women's health formulas, and tonics.
 Mushroom Science -- all-natural ingredients and heat-based extraction process for medicinal mushrooms products.
 Nature's Health Co. -- Supplies vitamins, natural dietary supplements, Chinese herbs and herbal formulas.
 Nature's Roar, Inc. -- Manufactures liquid herbal extracts for consumers and acupuncturists.
 NeoConcept -- Herbal formulas for the public. Introduction to the principles of Chinese herbal medicine and safety standards.
 OHCO/Oriental Herb Company -- Offers three Chinese herbal formulas to aid the immune, digestive and circulatory systems.
 Orient Hospital -- Online hospital applies traditional Chinese medicine to treat many types of tumors.
 Oriental Herb Company -- A selection of natural liniments, teas and elixirs as well as herbal patented formulas.
 Oriental Pharmacy -- Traditional chinese herbal medicine and specialty formulas for specific diseases.
 Rich Nature Labs -- Offering unique herbal products that are sourced in china, and backed by clinical studies. Affiliated with the Dr. Cui Yueli, the father of modern TCM, and the Cui Yueli research center.
 Satsun Marketing S/B -- This medicated oil or cream is a multi-application herbal medicament used in treating of skin conditions, sprains, muscular pain, or insect bites.
 Shen Herbal Products -- Chinese medicine made in U.S.A. for numerous maladies, Chinese patent medicines.
 Shen Neng Pty. Ltd. -- Importer of single herb and special formula blends.
 SinoHerbKing -- Sales of natural herbs, extracts, teas, and dietary supplements.
 Sleep in the Garden -- Aroma tea herbal pillow to help achieve better sleep.
 T's Herbal Inc. -- Teas, tonics, ginseng, analgesics and over 100 East-Asian herbs and herbal remedies.
 TaiChi TCM, Ltd. -- Herbal remedies, acupuncture and acupressure information, and skin care formulas.
 Tao Healing Arts -- Formulas based on the Eight Pillars of Taoism. Also offers online consultations.
 The Herbal Institute -- Offers products for acne treatment, cold sores, penis enlargement, herbal viagra, and digestive aids.
 Traditions of Tao -- Information about herbs and teas by Master Hua-Ching Ni for immunity boosting, energy enhancing, detoxifying, strengthening and healing.
 White Tiger Herbal Products -- External and internal Chinese herbal combinations for health and healing.
 YK Nutrition Products -- Green Pine natural antioxidant herbal supplement and vitamins.

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